The Week of Grandma

Although my first day alone with the kids went smoothly, the second day was not as easy. Okay, I may have lost it a bit there at the end. Luckily, Grandma was on the way, and arrived around 9 p.m. We spent a great week together, where I got a lot accomplished and managed to rest a bit, as well.

Wednesday I had my six-week checkup with the OB. All is well, but I was surprised to learn my doctor is changing practices. I told her I liked her so much I’d follow her wherever she went, although hopefully I will only need her services once a year from now on!

Thursday was Logan’s one-month checkup. Dr. Hung said he is “growing beautifully,” and he weighed in at 10 lb 6 oz (50-75th percentile). The only concern I had was Logan’s stuffy nose. Turns out to be a sign of acid reflux. Between that and his crankiness, I knew it was reflux and filled the prescription for baby Zantac right away. Gavin was on Zantac as an infant, as well. After several fussy, sleepless nights, I put Logan to sleep in his car seat. Between that and the Zantac, he is already seeming more content.

Friday we had the carpets cleaned, so Lynn and I took Ben and Logan out for a few hours. We stopped by Shay’s for a little while. She is still sick but tolerable in the mornings. It gets worse throughout the day, like it did with me. Hopefully she only has a few more weeks. After a short chat, we headed to Target, and McDonald’s for lunch. The carpets were still damp but we walked around them with clean socks and took naps. Friday evening Corey (Lynn’s brother) and Pam stopped by and we had fun chatting.

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and watching conference. The weather was nice almost the whole week, warm in the beginning part and cooler on the weekend, but the rain did not come until Sunday evening. We were able to go to the park or for walks around the neighborhood every day.

Tomorrow I’ll see the orthodontist to begin the Invisalign process, and then Lynn heads back to the airport. Christopher flies in a few hours later, and then it’s back to normal life again!


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