Every Time

Every time I start to blog, the baby starts crying. It is a proven fact, so here we go…

Update: This has been a pretty good week. Lynn left on Monday, but the house was clean and the pantry stocked. Tuesday and Wednesday Christopher was home in time for dinner. Thursday morning we took all three big kids in for flu shots. Not a single tear, and Ben even said, “That was cool!” I think having Christopher there helped, especially since I had to nurse the baby the entire time we were there.

Megan: Still a big help. Great at holding the baby. .Doing better at the homework after that one hard week. Tested this week for the gifted program at school.

Gavin: Also a big help. Still my emotional kid–cried and cried after he fell off his scooter yesterday and got a minor scrape on his hand and knee. I’m working on natural consequences with him. For example, when it’s 50 degrees and raining and I tell him he should wear his coat and he wants to wear a thin jacket instead, I let him. I guess he’ll be cold. My slow kid–takes forever to eat, shower, get ready.

Benjamin: Seems to be doing better. Still gets into everything, but is easily redirected. Didn’t take a nap one day this week, and the other days are getting shorter. Hope this isn’t the beginning of the end!

Logan: Screamed all day on Tuesday, ate every two hours and didn’t sleep. Finally, I put him down on his tummy at midnight and he slept five hours. From now on, he’s a tummy sleeper. I’m nervous about it, but I can’t function if he doesn’t sleep, and he won’t sleep unless he’s on his tummy.

Christopher: Still trying to sell his first satellite to a rich person. Pray that he can sell one before the end of the year, so the pressure will be off him!

Me: Ups and downs. The sleep deprivation is getting to me a little. I’m starting to have Inception-like dreams within dreams. However, I know this is temporary and I’ll never have a newborn again. Every day, I think, I’ll never have a baby this little again.


4 thoughts on “Every Time

  1. I refused to let Eliza sleep on her belly when she was fussy and had colic. Nathan would instead bounce her all night, holding her on her stomach. As soon as we flipped her to put her into bed, the crying ensued. Finally, after 5 months, we let her sleep on her belly. It didn't cure colic, but she slept through the night and it was a small miracle. In order to ease my mind some, I bought one of those fancy Angel baby monitors with a motion sensor that detects if the baby stops breathing. It made me feel less guilty about letting her sleep on her belly. That being said, the monitor was most likely a complete waste of money because she was totally fine!Logan is too cute. I hope things begin to get better with his crying.And Christopher is selling satellites!? That sounds pretty stressful! I'll make sure to keep him in our prayers. Also, you are awesome. I think this was a long enough comment πŸ™‚

  2. Guess it helps to have some perspective on things to help get through the crying and long nights. Tummy sleeping is SUCH a tough issue. They sleep so much better but I worry about it every time. I am working on organizing my pictures and found some really funny ones of Christopher, Duane, David and me. What a blast we had.

  3. Elliot was a tummy sleeper, too. And super colickly (maybe they are related?) I didn't worry to much about SIDS, but Chris sure did — so I was grateful when Harper was a back sleeper. Saved our marriage many heated arguments πŸ™‚

  4. Oh….I say that too… I will never have a baby this young again. It makes me SAD! I was just thinking today that I wished we could always have a baby in the house. I am sure it would get tiring after a while, but I don't like how fast the time is going with my last one!

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