Sunny skies

After a rainy week, the skies cleared Friday night just in time for the elementary school Walk-a-thon and BBQ, the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Every family was asked to donate $75 to the school, and the kids walked around the school 10 times. They sold food, and there was a small silent auction in the cafeteria. I didn’t really understand the fundraiser at all, because the kids weren’t walking to raise money, we just were supposed to donate it, and they walked for the heck of it. Maybe so they would eat more hot dogs? And the auction was small and no one was bidding! We won 12 large pizzas from the local pizza place for $100. It was the starting bid and no one outbid us. Either it was a bad year, or the local pizza place isn’t great. We’ll find out soon! I told my friends about the Morris Brandon auction. It was a black tie gala with hundreds of items for auction. Everyone got electronic bidding devices that you swiped your credit card in, and while they were bidding everyone got totally drunk. So you can imagine how much money they must have raised for the school! I don’t know how fast the booze would flow at our new school. The Mormons are a small minority but there are plenty of Hindus and Muslims, and I’m pretty sure they are not big drinkers, either.

After all that walking, the kids went to bed well and Christopher and I went to bed early and got a great night’s sleep. We were in bed past 8 a.m. (that’s late these days) and the sun was shining bright! Christopher first took the boys (minus Logan) to help move some furniture while Megan and I did some stuff around the house. After a few hours Gavin ran into the house to get Megan; Christopher was launching rockets in the neighborhood park. After I nursed the baby, I wrapped him up in the Moby Wrap and walked to the park. Since the park is surrounded by houses, two of the three rockets landed in our neighbors’ backyards, but hopefully they weren’t too annoyed. We sure had fun.

The afternoon was spent napping and playing outside. We had leftover pizza for dinner and watched some football, and later, when we found out we couldn’t get the BYU game, Cloak and Dagger. We let Megan watch the movie with us. Later, I found her reading Baby-sitters Club at 10:30 because she couldn’t “calm down from the scary movie”. I guess we’ll avoid 80’s PG movies for a few more years.


4 thoughts on “Sunny skies

  1. Well, I'd rather just be told to donate the money than to have to sell stuff. Good gracious, that gives me anxiety just thinking about it, because I know how I feel every time I hear the doorbell and just know it is some kid selling something. That being said, the idea of having an auction and cocktails is definitely appealing…Cute pictures. As always. Ben is looking so growny these days. Can't tell if it is him or the fact that he isn't the baby anymore.Message me your cell number. I'm needing a Lauren fix, and the number I had was your ATL number.

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