Here’s what’s going down this week:

1. Potty training – I wasn’t planning on potty training Ben this early, but I got tired of changing toddler diapers. On Tuesday we pulled out the potty chair, two potty seats, and the undies. Progress is better than expected. Today Ben didn’t have a single accident and even went #2. We also took a trip to Target and used their facilities. In case you’re interested, my method involves a lot of rewards and episodes of Phineas and Ferb, with the potty chair in front of the TV. We were doing tic-tacs for #1 until we ran out and then I filled the tic-tac container with mini chocolate chips. #2 warrants a mini candy bar. I started with lots of juice but now that Ben has the hang of it, I cut the liquids. We tried one nap in underwear but he had an accident so we’re back to diapers while sleeping.

Ultimately, I have no idea if this potty training will stick. If it’s too much trouble in a week or two, I’ll put him back in diapers for a few months and try again. I will need to, unfortunately, buy some sweatpants, I think. After going through the hand-me-downs I found about 15 pairs of cute jeans, khakis, and cords, but he’s not going to be able to get them up and down very easily.

2. Halloween – Still thinking about costumes. Christopher thinks it’s a cop-out, but I want to do traditional costumes this year. Megan wants to be a black cat, I found a pumpkin costume for the baby. Figure I’ll make Ben a ghost, and what for Gavin? Frankenstein? A vampire? I think it will make for adorable pictures.

3. Baking – I finally found a website to teach me how to bake. The King Arthur Flour website has both recipes and tips for people like me, who don’t know how to measure flour and stuff like that. Baking for dummies, if you will. I made two loaves of bread this week, and the recipes were both easy and delicious. I kneaded them in my Kitchen Aid, but I don’t know if it can handle more than one loaf at a time.

4. Meeting Moms – My kids keep wandering the neighborhood and playing with classmates that live within walking distance. So today I walked over to meet those moms and took them my mommy cards with phone numbers and everything. I met two today and they were incredibly nice. They happened to live across the street from each other. Also, I met another mom in the parking lot at the consignment shop. I was nursing Logan in the front seat and she was strapping her toddler in the car next to us and we chatted for a while. After she loaded her stroller, she came back and we chatted some more. I should have given her a mommy card, too. Maybe we’ll have a second meet cute in the future. Can you have two meet cutes?


5. Hot breakfast – When Megan and Gavin were little I remember visiting a friend with school-age kids who had a breakfast schedule on her refrigerator. I complimented her awesomeness for cooking her kids a hot breakfast every morning and she said, “Honestly, it’s because cold cereal is so expensive. They could eat a whole box in one morning and it still wouldn’t fill them up.” And she only had three kids. Now, I realize her wisdom. Breakfast used to be cereal, maybe toast. Now, every morning I make oatmeal, Cream of Wheat and eggs, pancakes, or French toast. If we do have cold cereal, Gavin is hungry again before it’s time to leave for the bus. Since school doesn’t start until 9:15, there is no hurry. And finally, I have been able to try out lots of our Shelf Reliance food storage. Quick oats, Germade (Cream of Wheat), pancake mix, and freeze-dried fruit have become part of our breakfast staples.


7 thoughts on “UPDATED: On My Mind

  1. Would it scare them off if you gave them a Mormon.org card along with the mommy card? :)I found a pinstriped suit at a thrift shop last year and Thomas made a very cute Frankenstein. Gavin would too!

  2. I love the idea of mommy cards. Cute and practical and a nice way of meeting fellow mothers in the neighborhood!As for the potty training, we are cracking down on that hardcore this week, and it is hard! Eliza only goes #2 on her potty and I really don't know how to stress the importance of going number one. It sounds like Ben is doing great! I think it is awesome he made so much progress in a few days!

  3. 1. how's potty training going?2. I have a great pirate hat, maybe eye patches and a vest too if you want to use it.3. I want to see your mommy card.

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