Bowling and Fall Festival

Friday night Christopher and I went league bowling with a group from church. They are not hardcore bowlers as much as hardcore get-babysitters-and-go-out-once-a-week people. We wanted to make some friends, so we joined. We got a great babysitter from church, but we weren’t comfortable leaving colicky Logan with her, so we took him. He was fantastic at the bowling alley. Looked around and got passed around between Chris, me, and another couple. Screamed bloody murder on the way there and back. Twenty-five minutes there, twenty-five minutes back. The kid does not like the car. And the bowling was just okay. When I go bowling, I want to mostly sit around and talk, and do a little bit of bowling every once in a while. With this league business, there was constant bowling and just a little bit of chatting. We bowled three games in an hour and fifteen minutes. So I think we are going to find another couple to replace us. It’s just not worth it until we can leave Logan with the babysitter, too.

Saturday morning we went to the Fox Hollow Farm Fall Festival. The farm was in Issaquah, only about 25 minutes away (about 10 minutes past Target/Costco). Someone from church had bought a Groupon and then found out the farm was only open from 9 am – 1 pm, so she gave us the Groupon, which included admission for four and pony rides. In addition to the pony rides, there were animals everywhere. In the barn, there were cows and horses and goats and pigs. Upstairs was a hay loft with a rope swing and Megan’s favorite–kittens. A grassy area had some Power Wheels John Deere tractors, where Gavin spent a lot of time, and a bouncy house. It was chilly and cloudy but we had jackets and rain boots and so did everyone else. It was completely packed. We had to take a shuttle from a nearby parking lot to the farm. I had Logan snuggled in the Moby wrap the whole time, which was both warm and convenient. There was little room to navigate a stroller. The pictures would have been incredible. The lighting was perfect and my kids looked adorable playing with animals in their fall attire. However, I couldn’t pack Logan and the camera, although I guess I should learn. I did bring my pocket-sized video camera, though, and took lots of video. The video is probably a little bouncy. Logan was fussy and half the time I was taping I was bouncing on my toes. We’ll go again next year.

I did take some pictures of Logan later at home, when he was happy again. He’s a homebody, that kid.


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