Two months old

Logan Carroll Richins aka “Logie Bear”

Likes: Eating, sleeping on his tummy, sleeping with mom, being worn in the Moby wrap.

Dislikes: Car rides, stroller rides, dirty diapers, being smacked by Ben, acid reflux.

At two months old, he’s starting to hold his head up well and occasionally smile and coo. He’s a serious observer, much like Megan, and fussy, like Gavin. He seems to like noise and commotion, although he cries easily when there are sudden noises, like the organ at church or Benjamin all the time. Takes Zantac for acid reflux and has been much happier since we put him on his belly to sleep. Still has a crying jag at night, probably because he’s overstimulated.

He’s not the easygoing baby that Ben was, but I find that I can handle Logan’s fussiness better than I handled Gavin’s. Probably just experience, and knowing how fast they grow up. Besides, all these fussy babies want is more love.


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