Becoming PNW-ers

Friday Christopher was flying in from San Francisco, so I took the kids to McDonald’s for dinner. The one up the road has a brand-new Playland (what Ben was thankful for in his prayer). We headed there at 4:15, as soon as Megan and Gavin got home from school. My favorite teenager Ashley was cleaning my house, so I wanted to get the kids out of there so it could be clean for at least 30 seconds. The kids played for a while before we ordered a round of cheeseburgers. When we got there, I noticed seven other parents there, each with a kid or two. The most interesting part was every person there, I believe, was of a different ethnic background and/or speaking a different language to their child. As far as I could tell, there was a Russian parent, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Filipino. McDonald’s, a universal language. As the evening wore on, the place filled up with high-schoolers (the high school is across the street and I believe a home football game was starting) and more families. After our cheeseburgers, the kids played again, then we ordered a round of ice cream sundaes. More play. We finally left around 6:30. For two hours of play, dinner, and dessert, we spent around $10. Not bad, even if it was McDonald’s. So unhealthy.

At least Saturday we were able to get out and take a healthy hike. In the morning, Megan and I headed to the outlet mall to find her some shoes. The mall is only about 20 miles away, and Christopher, of all people, reminded me of that fact. The drive out there was beautiful, on a country road through historic Fall City, Snoqualmie, and North Bend, Washington. We found what we needed and took the freeway back home. We watched some BYU football and relaxed. Christopher said he wanted to take the kids hiking. It was drizzly but warm (about 60 degrees), and I wanted to go, as well. So we got our boots and rain jackets out and drove about 20 minutes to the trail head. I took my camera but between wearing Logan and the drizzle, I left it in the car. Good thing, too. About half a mile into our hike, it started pouring. All the water that had collected in the treetops started coming down on us. Thankfully, we were on an easy loop, and we looped our way back towards the car. We probably walked about a mile, for about an hour. We were soaked, but not where it mattered. We managed to keep our heads and feet dry, and Logan, despite the Moby Wrap being drenched because I couldn’t get my jacket around it, was dry on the inside. We would not have stayed dry much longer in that rain, but we stayed dry enough to get us back to the car. We picked up a pizza on the way home and after dinner and hot showers, everyone slept soundly.

Sunday was the Primary Program. Our primary is so huge, it was probably the longest program we’ve had. Megan and Gavin said their parts clearly and from memory, and sang beautifully. Several people commented they could hear Megan. She sings with gusto, for sure. Although the two little boys were vying for our attention, I definitely felt the spirit at the end of the program, when the kids sang, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” and the congregation joined in for the last verse. The primary presidency, teachers, and musicians did a great job preparing the program. Oh, and I saw Jesse McOmber at church. He was a grad student (with wife and baby) at Carolina when I was teenager. Apparently his sister is in my ward (his family lives in Boise now) and I recognized him immediately.

“You’re so old!” he said when I told him who I was. When I told him I was holding my fourth kid, he said, “I’m so old!” Christopher also spotted a guy from our BYU apartments at church. “Didn’t you go on a date with him?” Christopher asked later. “Yeah, I think he took me to a Peruvian restaurant,” I said. “I think he took ME to a Peruvian restaurant,” Christopher replied.

I love Mormons. You never know when some random person from your past is going to show up at church.

I know you are getting tired of seeing the same pictures of my kids on the same couch, but here you go. And yes, Logan almost always wears a fleece sleep sack in the house. I keep my thermostat low. I’m cheap–er, green–like that.


3 thoughts on “Becoming PNW-ers

  1. SHUT UP!! Jesse McOmber!?!? We called him Superman when we were little because he looked like Clark Kent! You should ask Caitlin if she responds our sleepover at their apartment. Brother McOmber told us ghost stories that I still remember to this day. It was terrifying! It involved a sack of potatoes, which were actually body parts. Horrific for a 13 year old. So, if you see him again, tell him "hello!" I thought they lived in Taiwan or something. Anyway, sorry to get so excited. I just read that and couldn't believe it!

  2. I almost bought some of those sleep sacks on Woot the other day, but didn't know anything about them. Is any brand okay, or do I need something specific? Then again, it still might be 90 degrees here in December.

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