Coxsackie and Pumpkins

Friday morning Ben woke up with blisters around his mouth. The fever turned out to be the first symptom of coxsackie virus, or hand, foot, and mouth disease. Ben is completely miserable. Initially, it wasn’t too bad. He was drinking juice and eating popsicles and watching movies. By the third night he was waking up in constant pain. We are doing everything possible, including alternating Motrin and Tylenol; swishing liquid antacid; feeding him smoothies, chocolate milk, and ice cream; distracting him with books and movies. But there is only so much you can do for a toddler with a painful illness. Fortunately, it will eventually clear up. I just hope it is on the earlier end of “up to seven days”.

In spite of the illness, we had a good Saturday. Christopher went on a Costco run, then I picked up Grammy from the airport! Everyone was excited to see Grammy except Ben, who protested, “I wanted Poppy to bizit me!” Christopher and the kids launched rockets and we carved jack-o-lanterns and watched college football.

Today was all about keeping Ben comfortable. My mom and I both stayed home from church to tend Ben and Logan, and of course I had a roast all ready for my mom to cook for dinner.

Here’s hoping for a slightly better night’s sleep, and a semi-functional Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Coxsackie and Pumpkins

  1. How funny, we JUST finished having HFMD. My Raleigh started it off on Monday morning, it lasted 6 days, and then Trenty had it by Thursday, he's still got blisters but finally ate all meals today! It was HORRENDOUS. Like, the worst week of our lives times 50. Oh well, its over, and my kids are back to their sunshiney selves.

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