Last night Christopher took a sick Ben into bed with him while I bounced fussy Logan downstairs. Logan finally conked out around 10:15, and Ben and Christopher were sleeping peacefully. I wasn’t about to move Ben, so I put Logan in Ben’s crib and made up the futon for myself. I didn’t wake up until 4 a.m. to nurse Logan, and then at seven when Christopher and Ben woke me up so the former could get ready for work. When Ben ate a big breakfast, I knew the worst was over. When Grammy took him to get a Happy Meal for lunch and he ate every bite, I knew he was better.

My mom then proceeded to cook three huge pots of soup, and we invited Shay and Jill and their families over to eat with us before we all went trick-or-treating. The kids were ecstatic. The weather was perfect, clear and mild, unusual for Seattle. My mom stayed home with Logan and handed out candy, Christopher took Ben trick-or-treating down our street, and I took Megan and Gavin all over the neighborhood until Gavin said, “Can we please go home?” All in all, it was one of the best Halloweens yet.


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