Chunk o’ Love

Logan is getting so fat I just want to kiss and squish him all day long. He may be my chubbiest baby yet and I would love that. I just need to make sure I see the chiropractor every month or so to fix my back! He went to bed tonight like a normal baby, so I finally caught up on my emails. He usually wants to be held, fussy or not, until 10 p.m. or so, when we fall into bed. Tonight he was down at eight.

Today was a bittersweet day, as I found out little Madi Douglas lost her battle with cancer. Madi is the daughter of Jay and Angie, who we knew in Atlanta. We weren’t close, but Angie kept a detailed blog, which I often read. Her faith through such an ordeal really inspired me. Whenever I started to feel discouraged or frustrated, I thought about how brave Madi, Angie, and their family was. I know they would give anything to have three-year-old Madi scribbling on walls or throwing peas on the floor.

Which brings me to Ben. He is the love of my life and completely exhausting. But with Madi’s death today, I just found myself just wanting to hold him and love on him all day. He was in the church nursery with Madi. He is growing up so fast, and says the funniest things. Some of my favorite phrases include, “That’s odd!” “I’m so proud of you!” and today, “What on EARTH are you doing?” We have started memorizing scriptures and Ben can memorize as well as Megan and Gavin. It’s really fun to watch. I still can’t turn my back on him when we’re with Logan, though. Ben is still taking every opportunity to rough up his baby brother, in spite of numerous time outs, lectures, and the occasional spanking. At least he doesn’t bite. I know I bit Devin, and he survived. Logan will, too, I’m sure.

Gavin has been doing great. Having him sleep downstairs in his own room has been fantastic. He has been going to bed without complaint and reading every night until lights out. It works well for time outs, too. If he starts acting up, I just send him to his room, and since it’s right there, he can’t fall down on the stairs and cry like we had trouble with in the past. He just steps into his room and reads for a little while.

Getting watches for Megan and Gavin was also a great decision. Gavin can’t get out of bed until 7:00 a.m. A time out is as easy as “Go to your room until 4:30.” When they play with friends, we can say, “Be home at two,” and they have no excuses because they are wearing a watch. They can shower for 10 minutes or run a bath for three minutes. Megan hates taking a bath or shower, but once she’s in, she’ll be in for an hour, and Gavin will run the hot water until he looks like a lobster.

Megan is doing great, as well. She’s my good helper and holds the baby quite a bit when she gets home from school, in spurts. She’ll hold him while I make dinner, or when bathe Ben or put him to bed. She continues to read a lot and seems to have some good friends at school.

I just love my kids so much. I’m so grateful for all that we have.


4 thoughts on “Chunk o’ Love

  1. My kids love memorizing scriptures as well. We memorized the ones for primary each month last year and now we're doing the articles of faith. It's good for me too 🙂 I love chubby babies too, but I don't think Blake will be one of them. We can't get him past the 25% for weight and since he's in the 95% for height, he doesn't seem to stand a chance!

  2. A couple of years ago, I made a scripture a week for a year (with cute fonts and pics) to help the boys memorize scriptures. I have lots of songs too. I can email you the file, if you are interested. And- do you want some beef? We got all of that beef today and I still have lots left from last years cow, which now needs to be eaten. It is mostly roasts (and some ribs, I think). Let me know if you want it, I want the freezer space.

  3. This was a great post, Lauren. I think it is adorable that Ben says things like, "That's odd." Haha. Could he be any cuter? I also love that your children thrive with watches. Who knew kids would love them so much?

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