Three-day weekend

The weather was completely gorgeous all week long. Until Friday, when we had a holiday. Of course. In spite of the yucky weekend weather, I had a good time. It was nice having two “Saturdays”, as Christopher and the kids had Friday off as well. Ben was coming down with a cold, so between that and the weather, we didn’t go anywhere. Friday I did go down to the consignment shop with Megan and help Dixie out a little. I went through a rack and took out wrong sized clothes and put them where they belonged, and Megan went through the racks looking for stray hangers. After an hour, I was exhausted. I thought it would be fun to own a store like that, but it would be a TON of work. I spent another half hour or so looking for deals. I am almost done buying snow gear for all the kids, and good thing, because the forecast calls for snow next weekend.

On the way home, Christopher wanted me to stop in at the sporting goods store and buy a shotgun that was on super sale. We decided to buy one for home defense and hunting in the event of some disaster. When I got there, I asked for the shotgun, and they said, “20 gauge or 12 gauge?” I wasn’t sure, so I called Christopher to confirm. The salesman said, “Just a moment,” and disappeared in the back room. Forever later, the boss man comes out, looks at me real serious-like, and says, “I hope you know it’s a felony to purchase a gun for someone else.” When I was taken aback, he explained that I had made a phone call so I must be purchasing it for someone else. I was annoyed and replied that I was purchasing the gun for my husband and myself for our home. He replied, “Well, if money exchanges hands, they are real strict about that.” I just gave him a dirty look and handed him my driver’s license, but when I thought about it, I suppose money does exchange hands every day. Christopher makes the money, and I spend it.

Saturday was uneventful as well. Naps, college football, soup. That about sums it up. At one point I put Logan in the bouncy seat so I could prepare the soup. Megan came and got him and held him for a long time while she was watching Gavin play on the computer. Megan holds Logan a lot, sometimes when I ask her to, and sometimes just because she wants to. She’s a huge help.


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