Gavin finally lost his first top tooth. According to the dentist, it may be quite a while before the permanent ones come in. It looks adorable, but I know it’s hard to eat without your two top teeth! The other one is loose and soon to follow.

This week has been relatively uneventful. Yesterday was sunny but cold. One major event was a moving van across the street. Ben and I walked over to check it out and noticed lots of blue scooters and bikes coming off the truck. Apparently a family with three boys (7,5, and 2) is moving in! I hope they are cool because I’ve decided we’re going to be best friends. I met the dad, Chris. He seemed nice but was busy with the truck unloading so we didn’t chat long. Later, I spotted the mom and boys getting out of the Honda Pilot, and waved. Christopher asked if they were an attractive-looking family. I said, “They looked normal. Like us.” Christopher replied, “Oh, so you mean ridiculously attractive?” “Yes, dear. Like models.”

Speaking of models, I am doing practice sessions for my Christmas card photos. I need a helper to distract the kids, keep Ben still and Megan and Gavin smiling. I also need an outfit for Logan. And a cute hat, maybe. And a bench. I don’t really like the chair. I will be watching the weather report. Now that it’s mid-November, clear days are going to be few and far between. Maybe our Christmas card photo should include rain boots and umbrellas?


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