Three months old

Logan is now three months. He is still demanding but less cranky than he used to be. I think he is outgrowing his reflux. He usually pulls a long stretch at night, sleeping until four or five a.m., then nurses and goes back to sleep for several hours. He still sleeps in a Pack and Play in our room, on his stomach. He takes a cat nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. A few days a week, he and Ben will nap at the same time for several hours, and if that happens, I’m blissfully in the bed, as well.

Logan is mostly serious and observant. He startles easily, crying at sudden noises and movements, which I attribute to getting whacked by Ben one too many times. He is happiest sitting in your arms, with a good view of the action, as long as Ben is a safe distance away. He is still an efficient nurser, eating for only ten minutes or so every feeding, 7-8 times per day. He doesn’t spit up much, thankfully, and probably blows out his diapers because they are getting too small. I just bought a pack of size 3 from Costco.

Christopher thinks he looks just like my dad, although I still think he’s got quite a bit of Richins in him. At any rate, he’s a handsome boy.


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