The no-cooking weekend

This is what Logan looks like when I eat really good Mexican food:

Friday I told Christopher he was going to be like Bill B. and take me out to Mexican. He said he would love to take me to dinner. When he got home he asked who was babysitting. I said, You are taking all of us. He said, Darn, I thought I was just taking you to dinner. I said, Nope. I am not paying a babysitter for us to get Mexican food.

We actually left Megan at home. She had stayed home sick from school with an unverifiable sore throat. At any rate, she stayed in bed most of the day reading, and that’s where I left her for an hour while we took the boys to the restaurant down the street. I enjoyed my fajitas, and the chips and salsa are great. The boys were decent, although I did have to pop Ben’s bum when he ran out into the parking lot as we left the restaurant. It was about 7 p.m., so completely dark, and I asked him to stop twice. When he didn’t slow down when he hit asphalt, I screamed at him, and he stopped in between two parked cars. Followed by a spank. I have decided to spank him when he does something life-threatening. Unfortunately for us both, he averages one a day.

All in all, though, it was an enjoyable night out. We took Megan home an order of sushi for dinner. She hates Mexican food, weird child. I loved it, though, and it was nice and mild, and Logan was fine.

Saturday night, though, we went to Jansen and Holly’s for dinner. Jansen is Christopher’s first cousin, and they just moved to Seattle. They are a completely adorable family. They live in a cool neighborhood in a house that’s retro enough to be back in style, and it doesn’t hurt that Holly has impeccable taste and it’s decorated super cute. She cooked us up a Mexican feast, completely different from what we had eaten the night before, and deliciously much spicier. She even made virgin mojitos, with sugared rims on the glasses. And Christopher made molten chocolate lava cake for dessert. It was a blast to hang out with them. And, because the meal was the best I had eaten in a while, and full of garlic, onions, chiles, cilantro, and chocolate, Logan has acted like my breast milk is poison all day.

Today, Sunday, we managed to get another family dinner invitation. Christopher’s other cousin, Casey, on his mom’s side of the family, just returned home from his two-year mission, and we went to church with them and ate dinner with them after church. Some of Pam’s family was also in town, so there were five additional kids from her side of the family. We ate roast beef sandwiches with au jus and all kinds of goodies, and drank lots of root beer. Christopher’s Uncle Corey owns a store that sells 95+ brands of root beer. It is fittingly called The Root Beer Store. We had too much fun, again. It was fun to see Casey, as all freshly returned missionaries are so mature and polite. Megan enjoyed hanging out with the other kids, which included ten- and nine-year-old brothers. As we left, she said, “I hope it’s okay, Mom, I gave them my number. They said they’d call.” Oh, boy.


2 thoughts on “The no-cooking weekend

  1. Gave them her number??? Oh, lawd, here we go. So glad you get to walk this road before me. Take good notes.Sadly, our days of out for Mexican – or anywhere else – are over for awhile. Anna Bea has become too much of a pain to handle out to eat. So, we're homebound until she a) learns to sit quietly b) gets old enough to bribe with crayons/snacks/toys or c) is mature enough to know that she should be scared of my mean look.I love that y'all have all that family out there. Especially ones that know how to cook!

  2. All that food sounds so good. You'd think I was like 35 weeks pregnant or something. Luckily not quite to the place where nothing fits into my stomach yet.Can you please teach me how to take a couple of totally normal days and make them into a really interesting post? I am in awe of you every time I get on your blog. Love it.

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