Giving Thanks

I’m so grateful for this bunch here.

We spent Thanksgiving cooking up a storm. Christopher made the turkey. He brined it last night, and cooked it this morning and it was delicious. I made the cornbread dressing, broccoli casserole, and sweet potato souffle. If I do say so myself, it tasted just about as good as my mom’s.

We had dinner at Shay’s house, with another family, the Muhlesteins. It worked out perfectly. Shay also made a ham and some sides, and Janae did the baking, with homemade crescent rolls and pies. Everything was delicious, and the 11 kids did pretty well playing on their own. The Carls made them split up into the big kids (Stephen, Isaac, Bryant, and Megan), the medium kids (Jacob, Dalton, and Gavin), and the little kids (Matthew, Rylan, and Ben) and that seemed to work well. The little kids needed some attention, mostly because of Ben.

Ethan also flew in on Tuesday for the holiday weekend. I was worried he would be bored but I think after three months of living in the dorms he’s happy just to be in a house, eating good food and relaxing. He was also excited to see the baby.

Ethan is my original Bubba. Although if you call Logan that, Ben will tell you, “No, I’m Bubba. He’s Logie Bear.”


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