The Day After Thanksgiving

Today was spent relaxing, cleaning the house, watching football, and eating good leftovers. I had no interest in fighting Black Friday crowds, although I did buy a few things online.

The weather was gorgeous, so we shooed the kids outside at some point, and tried taking Christmas card photos again. Our backyard has pretty trees, rocks, and a wood fence, so we just did it there. I keep looking at other people’s photos and something is definitely missing from mine. First, I don’t have the ability to put my kids in non-matching clothes and have it look good. I look at blogs like Nie Nie, for example. Her kids are always wearing funky, colorful clothes that don’t match and yet the family photos always look awesome. I figured with all the clothes my kids have surely I could put something together, but I don’t know. Also, I haven’t crossed over into the professional photographer arena yet. I’m still squarely in advanced amateur territory. That being said, the whole process, including a wardrobe change, took about half an hour and was completely painless, so for this year, at least, we might settle for one of these. Next year I’ll go back to buying matching outfits, since I clearly can’t just put ensembles together with what they have, and maybe by then, I will have upped my photography game.

The first attempt. I tried to do “bright” colors but failed. Also, couldn’t get Ben to smile.

After quick wardrobe change to “traditional” Christmas colors. So boring. Finally got Ben to smile. I may try again but if not, I think this one is a winner.

Unless you like this one better.

They are easier to photograph individually. Or, at least without Ben!


2 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. oh gosh, I think all of the shots are just great. Don't forget that we are always our worst critics. Also don't forget that most folks usually look at the card for 2.5 seconds, hang it up on the wall for 30 days, then toss it in the trashcan. Even so, I'll say it again – I think you have more than one A+ options. And with 4 kids, I think that elevates you to automatic rockstar status.

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