Christmas Decorating

Last night the UPS man dropped a Christmas tree on our doorstep. I had bought it for $48 the day after Thanksgiving. It’s our first real Christmas tree. We have this sad, skinny one that my grandma had used for years in her foyer, but this new one is 7 1/2 feet and legitimately fills a corner in our family room. Even with the fake branches fluffed out, it is a bit sparse, but I love it. It was pre-lit so all we had to do was put our ornaments on, and that’s my favorite part anyway. Each ornament has a special memory. The BYU ornament Christopher gave me when we graduated in December 2002. A sand dollar ornament from Hilton Head, 2008. Disneyland from our honeymoon; Disney World in 2010.

I’m not much of a decorator, sadly. It is not a talent I possess. But now we have a tree up, four nativities on the mantle, stockings hung, and a Santa on the piano. Christopher even hung a few strings of lights outside. Mix that with a Pandora Christmas station and some Christmas cookies (which Christopher will make, I’m not much of a baker, either)… and it feels like Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Well, you ARE a great photographer and you DO make beautiful babies. Glad y'all are looking/sounding like Christmas over there. You amaze me with how you get such great pictures of FOUR kids.

  2. Cute Christmas jammies!1.5 bedroom is called a Jr. 4 in NY. It means it is a one bedroom with a dining alcove where you could put a pressurized wall to create a second small bedroom. That is where Harper sleeps. Elliot currently sleeps in a closet. On a couple sleeping bags on the floor. No joke. Harper was waking him up all the time, so we moved him in there "temporarily". 6 months later, everyone is still happy, so we haven't upset the apple cart. I never mention the closet on the blog though, because I'm worried Child Protective Services is going to show up at my door šŸ™‚

  3. Lauren! We live the same life! I am laughing because I took a Christmas pic of my kiddos yesterday – the two little boys in matching green sleeper fleece pjs, Katie in a red nightgown and Porter in plaid pants and a matching shirt. SO funny. Did I ever tell you our Chritmas morning pics looked identical last year too? We all got bikes…. so funny. I read your fb comment about your kids Christmas list… I have considered getting my kids mp3 players also, but it's not something they are asking for this year….YET> šŸ™‚

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