First "Snow"

Today we settled back in, cleaned out the car, did a bunch of laundry, and played. Around 3 p.m. the sun dipped below the clouds and I shooed the kids outside. The sky was magnificent–bright blue on one side, with dark clouds on the other. Five minutes later the kids ran back inside, “It’s snowing!” Then they ran back outside. It was more bits of ice than powdery snow, but it stuck and there’s still a layer on the ground.


One thought on “First "Snow"

  1. it sounds like lots of snow this weekend! pull out the snow gear and sleds (we have quite a few sleds) and come on over to our great sledding hill by the mail boxes! The way the weather is showing, it might be a good thing the kids are out of school on Monday. Better get your bread and milk now.Megan should come over on Monday and help me paint the nursery. We'd have fun! 🙂 I can show her all my bows 🙂

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