Man, today was exhausting. It started by getting those big kids off to school early to take a spelling test to enter their school spelling bee. Christopher was able to drop them off which was nice. I started the laundry and got those little boys and myself ready and we dropped off a load of clothes at the consignment shop. I bought a coat for Logan, as he is already outgrowing his fleece bunting that I thought would last him most of the winter. I realized I didn’t have any coats smaller than 24 months because all my winters babies were kept indoors until spring, and then by the next winter they were huge. I found an LLBean coat in 12-18 months for $7.99. That should last us until June. I hope.

Then I decided to “run by” Costco. Megan has a school project due tomorrow that she needed some photos for, and we also needed milk and bread. I found an amazing parking spot, which is kind of a miracle as the Issaquah Costco, next door to corporate, is always, always a circus. Then I realized I forgot my membership card. So I had to start at the membership desk. They quickly printed a temporary proof of membership for me. The photos were almost ready so we got the necessities–milk, bread, eggs, cheese, salsa, and a rotisserie chicken–and were out of there. It was probably the quickest Costco trip ever, but still, what a zoo.

As we pulled into the drive Logan fell asleep, the sun was shining, and my mom called, so I talked to her as I unloaded the groceries. Ben pulled his Toy Story camping chair into the driveway, went into the house and got himself a yogurt and a spoon, and had himself a snack right there in the driveway. Then he helped me make a PB&J and he ate it while watching Phineas & Ferb. Logan woke up and I nursed him and he was a crabby kid. He is going on day nine of a cold, and I would take him to the doctor except he hasn’t had a fever or night waking (screaming) that would make me think he has an ear infection. I think he’s just snotty and teething, poor kid.

I got Ben down for his nap, and then Logan wanted to nurse again, greedy boy, and he went down. The house was so quiet, and I did another load of laundry and ate a leisurely lunch and then climbed into my bed for a long nap. Except ten minutes later Logan woke up. No worries, he just needed to be burped and he settled back down. I snuggled back in and Ben started yelling. He had pooped his diaper and insisted that he was not taking a nap today. I told him too bad, I was taking a nap, and zipped him back up in his crib tent and told him to rest for an hour. He screamed until he coughed, then he coughed until he puked a little. Then he said, “Mom! I puked!”

I changed him, and his crib sheets, and told him, fine, he could stay up. He pulled his camping chair from the driveway to the living room and watched a Phineas & Ferb and I dozed and then he crawled all over me for a while. I told him I was so exhausted he was going to have another short quiet time before the big kids got home and I zipped him up in his crib with a stack of books. As I walked back to my room the baby started fussing. Of course. I thought about letting Ben out but he was being quiet so I just took care of the baby. Right before the big kids got home I let Ben out. He was flipping through books and listening to music.

We got a snack, popcorn from our hot air popper that I got from Target for $18 and we use every day. Logan got increasingly fussy. He has been fussy in the afternoons and downright miserable in the evenings until 8 p.m. every day. Like clockwork, he screams until 8, and then magically just conks out. It’s weird but at least I can count on it to end.

Anyway, around five I told the big kids to play so I could rock fussy Logan and put him to bed and of course, left unattended, they ran around like crazy people until someone got hurt. I sent the big kids to their room and put on Caillou for Ben and got Logan down. His late afternoon cat nap is always just long enough to get dinner going. I nuked some potatoes, boiled some peas, and tossed a salad to go with the lukewarm rotisserie chicken. It was yummy, and everyone ate well. We ate early because Christopher had a Darden recruiting event tonight.

Just as Ben started throwing food on the floor, Logan started stirring. I rinsed Ben in the shower and told him to follow me upstairs. I got Logan and laid him on the floor in Ben’s room while I got Ben’s jammies on. I told Ben he could stay up as long as he plays nicely. This is my new post-6 p.m. M.O. He made it to 6:25 tonight. If he’s not napping, at least he goes to bed super early. Megan and Gavin did homework for a few minutes with Logan sitting on the table watching them. Logan doesn’t like to be in bouncy seats or other baby contraptions on the floor. The kid sits on the table like a centerpiece, just taking it all in. When I’m cooking and he’s awake, he sits in the Bumbo on the kitchen counter, watching me. He likes the birds eye view. I try not to walk away to you know, get my camera, lest he fall and crack his melon. I am buying a high chair tomorrow because I know it won’t be long before he’s wriggling out of the Bumbo. And, Caitlin, I can’t wear him while I cook, because he’s like 17 pounds.

Logan cried from 6:30 to 8 tonight. Like 7:57 on the dot. At 7:15 or 7:45 I thought, maybe he’ll calm down before 8. No. It was uncanny. He’ll sleep peacefully all night, except he’ll wake up three times to nurse. I usually nurse him around 11 before I go to bed. I should just let him cry when he wakes up around 3 a.m., but I’m horrible at sleep training. I can nurse him, laying in bed, for 10 minutes and he goes right back to sleep.

Gavin went to sleep around 8. I had to wrap him up like a taco. “Use my recipe”, he said, covering him with the three blankets in the order he requested. Megan just now went to bed, at 9:40. She normally isn’t up so late but she was watching me blog and I didn’t have the energy to be firm with her until I realized the clock said 9:35. Whoops.


4 thoughts on “Whataday

  1. There is nothing worse then getting all warm and snuggled and almost asleep then having someone wake up. Seriously, it makes me want to cry. You are a good momma. May have to invest in one of those tent things.

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