The weekend

Friday I took Gavin and Ben to the dermatologist for a mole check. They both have some large, weird moles, mostly on their scalps. Ben was fine, but Gavin has some “interesting” moles on his head that will need to be checked in three months to make sure they are not changing. If they look the same in three months, he won’t need to be checked for another 12 months. If they are changing, they will have to be removed, which would be an ordeal. The doctor told me not to lose sleep over it, and I won’t. The whole reason I took them in was to get everything monitored and documented. And because Seattle Children’s is a really cool place to take your kids to the doctor.

Logan fussed the whole time, which turned into a full-blown scream on the way home. Still teething, I imagine. I bought two Happy Meals on the way to Gavin’s school. The kid ate the apples, drank the apple juice, and would not eat the cheeseburger and fries. What kind of kid doesn’t want the good stuff? I tried to get him to take it into school, as his class was about to go to lunch, but he wouldn’t. I ate it. Ben, by the way, ate his entire Happy Meal. Every bite. Logan screamed.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, chicken tortilla soup for dinner and Netflix (Limitless) for Christopher and me.

Saturday we did chores and took naps and in the evening I took Megan on a date, just the two of us. We went ice skating, which was hilarious especially since Megan didn’t let go of the wall the entire time. She was in good company, though, as there were entire lines of people hugging the walls. I skated around the rink a few times, every time I met with her she had gone 10 feet or so. After she went around three or four times, I said, “You ready to go get dinner?” And she was. There was a Fatburger around the corner. It was my first time there, and it was almost as good as Five Guys, but not quite. They did have incredible onion rings and milkshakes, though, which Five Guys doesn’t have. Megan was excellent company.

Sunday. Church was great. I spent pretty much all of Sacrament Meeting chatting it up nursing in the mother’s lounge, but Logan was good during Sunday school and Relief Society so that was nice. Good naps after church for all, followed by Christopher making dinner. Delicious, of course. He made “shepherd’s cupcakes”, or shepherd’s pie in individual ramekins. The kids loved it, and I wish I had watched him make it because it was amazing. No cream of mushroom soup of whatever I use to make mine. For dessert I took six cupcakes from Megan’s birthday out of the freezer. I capped off the evening with a visit to my new friend Laura’s house. She had three trash bags full of Logan-sized clothes for me. I was so grateful because now Logan is set for another few months!


One thought on “The weekend

  1. Chatting in the mother's lounge was just what I needed on Sunday … and I loved our little visit Sunday evening as well! I am so glad you stopped by!I'm happy Logan has clothes now that will fit for awhile. Give us another few weeks and I am sure my little one will have grown out of some more 🙂 !!

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