Four month check-up

Today I took Logan in for his four-month check-up. I was guessing he weighed 16 1/2 pounds. Nope. Seventeen and a half. 17 lb 7 oz, to be exact, still in the 75% percentile. He’s also 26 inches, in the 50-75% percentile, and his head is 17 1/4 inches, or 75%. Big baby. Once again, I was called an “old pro” by several people in the pediatrician’s office. I guess that makes sense. Professional mother.

Afterwards we visited the church down the street from our house, which also has a preschool. The preschool Ben started this month has a lot of pros, but I think I’m going to put him in this church in the Fall. They also have a drop-in play for $1 on Tuesdays, which was perfect. We did the tour, played in the fellowship hall, and came home for lunch and naps.

Logan is still incredibly social; that is, he hates to be left on his own. I bought him a space saver high chair off craigslist, so now he has his own seat at the dinner table. Last night, when all six of us were at the table, filling every last chair, I knew our family is complete. I don’t feel like anyone is missing anymore.

The weather has been awesome. Chalk it up to global warming, I guess. And the funniest Ben phrase lately has been: “That’s impressive!” He likes to say it after he belches, passes gas, or Logan lets out a particularly loud wail.


One thought on “Four month check-up

  1. Of course you are a professional mother! I sure do love that you know what is going on with your kiddos and can tell doctors what is up :).What an awesome feeling that your family is complete.

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