More snow

Where did the week go? Wednesday is my busy day. Megan had Activity Days at church from 2-3 p.m. School gets out early on Wednesdays, and Megan walks home with two friends. Another mom drives them to the church, and I pick up at three. It’s a great arrangement so Ben can take a decent nap. Every Wednesday afternoon, I also teach Megan, Gavin, Bryant, and Dalton piano while Shay watches Ben. Dalton, surprisingly, is my most diligent student. I can tell he practices.

Thursday was just a day I had to get through. Some days are like that. When Megan and Gavin were little I thought, “Oh no, I didn’t accomplish anything today. We didn’t learn anything new or even play outside.” Then I realized that every day doesn’t have to be jam packed with some learning-rich activity. Every waking moment is a learning experience for a baby or toddler. Plus, now that I think about it, I did my visiting teaching on Thursday, so I did accomplish something.

Friday morning I tried to clean my house and around noon I picked my sister- and brother-in-law up from the airport. They had a long layover in Seattle on their way to Florida from Canada. We all took a nap then met Christopher for dinner. I got a new babysitter who is adorable. She’s only 14 but has three little sisters so she seemed comfortable with my kids. I did have to pick her up, though, which was a pain, but at least the short drive gave me some time to get to know her. We took Mike and Laura to this new Mexican restaurant we wanted to try. It was kind of a dive but the food was amazing. While the atmosphere was lacking, the service was great, the place was clean (one of the cleanest restaurant bathrooms I’ve seen), and the food was worth it. We’ll be going back.

Today Christopher took Mike and Laura back to the airport at 6 a.m. The kids had a rough night as well. Logan was up eating, Ben was up with nightmares or whatever, and Gavin started running a fever and complaining of a stomachache. I waited all day for Gavin to throw up, but thankfully nothing. He did stay in bed all day long, though, so I know he is sick. Hopefully he gets well soon and the rest of us stay healthy. Also, the forecast called for a bunch of snow this weekend. I did run to the grocery store early, and thirty minutes after I got home the snow started. It came down hard for a little while, but in the end I think we may have gotten an inch, if that. Megan was excited to play in it, though. She’s my outdoors girl, and I’m so thankful, after all these years, she has some decent snow clothes. First year ever she could actually stay outside in the snow. For her sake, I hope we get at least one big snow this winter so she can have the time of her life outside.


One thought on “More snow

  1. aaaahhhh. you totally jinxed us!!! You said you hoped for atleast one big snow in this post and then your next, like 6 posts were saying, "holy crap, look at all this snow!" Look what you did! now we have 4 snow make up days! 😉

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