Even more snow!

I stayed home from church with a still slightly sick Gavin and the baby. After church we had waffles for lunch and went down for naps. When I got up, the snow was piling up. Around three, it really start coming down! I told all the kids to get in their snow gear–I even woke Ben up! Gavin came inside after a little while, but Megan and Ben stayed outside with Christopher until well after dark. They built a snowman and walked over to the Carls to go sledding down their big hill. I made hot chocolate and a big pot of chili while they were gone.


3 thoughts on “Even more snow!

  1. the kids need neck gators (like eternity scarves) to keep their necks warm and prevent the snow from going down the front of their coats. You can get them from Sports Authority, REI, Target, Fred Meyer, for like $10. We love ours, great investment.and our dinner of chicken caccitorie (sp) worked out great. thanks for the last minute idea.

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