You got it… more snow!

I don’t think I ever in my life have experienced several days in a row of falling snow. Even the three and a half winters I spent at BYU were very mild. Today we got another few inches, and the forecast calls for 5-8 more inches over the next few days! Not only am I thrilled I finally bought snow clothes for the kids, I am wishing I had bought some for myself!

We enjoyed a leisurely morning, followed by sending the kids in the backyard, dressed in their snow gear. I thought, “Wow, maybe I could live in the Midwest.” Except, it’s barely freezing here. I don’t know if I could handle real cold. After an hour or so, the kids came in for lunch and quiet time. Logan took a long morning nap, waking up just after we put Ben down. Several hours later, when Logan fell back asleep, and I crawled into my bed, Ben woke up. Christopher, who was working from home, poked his head in, and I thought he was going to say, “Come get Ben now.” Instead, he said, “We are going sledding.” Sweet, sweet man. I never did get to fall asleep, as Logan stirred soon after they left, but I did enjoy a relatively quiet house while I fed Logan some real food and made dinner. I tried rice cereal with Logan at four months and he wasn’t interested, but the past few days I’ve tried solids again, and he is more than ready now. He ate an entire jar of bananas today, along with a few bites of mashed avocado and rice cereal. He was all over it.

When dinner was almost ready, the family came crashing back, cold and tired and hungry. The kids took quick, warm showers and got their jammies on. We had chicken cacciatore for dinner and family night after. And early bedtimes.

The no-chin angle:


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