Snow… serious snow

Apparently the little flurries we experienced were just preparing us for the big storm today. We got more snow in 24 hours than western Washington usually gets all year. Down in Seattle they got about four inches, but up on the plateau we got about 8-10. It was initially falling lovely and powdery but got slushy in a hurry. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen so much snow, if ever.

Christopher spent last night by the airport and got on a 6 a.m. flight just as the storm was rolling in. He has a meeting in Charlottesville tomorrow. We won’t be going anywhere for a while. It’s a mess out there, and school is cancelled again tomorrow. I’m definitely starting to feel cooped up, but we’ve got plenty of food and as long as the electricity stays on, I’m doing fine. It was a long day, but I tried to get creative, pulled out the Play-doh, the watercolors, the coloring books, and even some Christmas presents I had set aside for when the whining started. We survived.

Gavin and Ben played in the foot of snow briefly today. Megan went out for several hours. I put my cell phone in her front coat pocket and let her go. I told her to be home before dark. She called me, just as it was getting quite dark, and asked me to pick her up. I laughed, telling her I wouldn’t even be able to get the car out of the garage, and to get her little hiney home. She had walked over to Shay’s, played Wii for awhile, and gone sledding with Bryant.

Logan turned five months this week, unceremoniously, as with all fourth children. He has now eaten rice cereal, bananas, and carrots, and seems to enjoy every bite. He is still waking up constantly at night. He was sleeping great at three months, but four months was a nightmare. He’s teething. He rolls over and doesn’t like sleeping on his back. He wants to nurse. I am not good at letting my kids cry it out and they are worse–they don’t give up. He is fine when I lay him down for naps and at bedtime. He has a full tummy, a fresh diaper, and he might fuss for a few minutes but then he settles down. But when he wakes up at 2 a.m., or 5 a.m., and he’s a little wet, and a little hungry, there is no settling back down until he gets to nurse and snuggle for a few minutes. And I’d rather plop him in bed with me and fall back asleep than listen to him cry. I’m so weak. Or maybe just lazy.

My last topic is Ben’s hair. It is so beautiful and perfect after his shower. But it is just a mess any other time. I’m wondering if I should start putting gel or mousse in it… or just cut it. I barely style Megan’s hair, much less the boys. But I adore those curls.


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