Power outage

Thursday morning came too early. Christopher was out of town and after a rough night with the baby, the other boys were up at the crack of dawn. Instead of clinging to the bed, I jumped up and got going. I made a pot of oatmeal, vacuumed up the ground-in popcorn from the carpet, and was in the middle of giving the baby a bath when the power went out.

(Funny side story: As we were going down the stairs, the baby, with a full tummy of milk, decided to projectile vomit. He managed to hit five steps. Ben looks up at us with a disgusted look on his face and declares, “That was NOT impressive.”)

So the power goes out. Luckily, it was 8:30 a.m., so we had plenty of light. I finished bathing the baby and took a quick shower myself, thinking I had limited hot water, before I remembered our water heater is gas. So that was nice. The second thing I did was put batteries in the white noise machines so the little boys could take naps later. The next thing I did was round up the flashlights and lanterns, which we would need later. I also got in touch with Christopher to talk about the generator. (Later, we figured out we had the generator, the gas, but not the right connector to hook it up to the furnace. Bummer.)

The big kids had their DSs to play, so they were occupied. Logan took a good morning nap and I spent time with Ben reading and feeding him snacks. Thinking the outage would last awhile, I took a laundry basket of food to the garage so we wouldn’t have to open the refrigerator again.

We spent most of our time in the family room with the fireplace. It was cozy in there, but the rest of the house wasn’t frigid, maybe in the lower 60s. Everyone put on a sweater and we were fine. At some point the big kids went over to our neighbor’s house to charge their DSs. I took a nap when the babies were down at the same time, which is a feat these days.

Around 6 p.m. it was completely dark and I planned to use a little propane stove to heat some soup with the window cracked. However, before I got it set up my neighbor called and invited us over to eat some hot dogs and get warm. Ben and I got our boots and coats on and walked over while I carried Logan. It was pretty treacherous. There was a layer of snow from Wednesday, then ice from Wednesday night, then a fresh layer of snow and ice from Thursday. It was at least a foot deep and slippery, but we were careful.

It was nice to eat some warm food and have some adult conversation. Megan and Gavin were having a blast with their only child, a 12-year-old boy, but keeping Ben from destroying anything in their lovely house was a challenge. We ate and chatted briefly before I hauled my bunch home.

Bedtime was easy. I put an extra pair of pajamas on Ben under his sleep sack and let him have a little lantern as a night light. Logan was exhausted, as well, and went down easily. Megan and Gavin both got a candle as a night light. At 7:30, I was laying on top of my bed, in cotton pajamas, and I was perfectly warm. The thermostat read about 63 degrees but it was not frigid.

Megan and I read by lantern for about an hour in my bed. We were both reading from the Anne of Green Gables series. She is two books ahead of me. I went to bed by 9. Ben woke up at 10:30 but settled himself down, and Logan nursed at 11. At 12:15 a.m., my nightstand lamp flickered on and woke me up. I texted Christopher to let him know and he had just landed. It was a treacherous trip home for him, and he arrived around 3 a.m. I actually couldn’t fall right back to sleep. I walked the house to turn off any lights that had been left on, only one in the kitchen. Since I was downstairs, I restarted the laundry I had started that morning. I figured I might as well eat a snack while I waited for it to be done. Then Logan wanted to nurse again. He has not been doing well at night. By the time Christopher got home the house was warm again and I woke up briefly to say hi.

Today I was so thankful to have power. According to the news, 250,000 customers in our area are still without power. I tried to stay grateful throughout the day, which was difficult. Christopher went to work. I stayed home, for the sixth day in a row. I was so over the crappy weather and being cooped up today. Poor Megan started running a fever, probably what Gavin had last weekend. She was so sweet, saying, “Mom, you are amazing. Your helper is sick and you are taking care of her and all these boys.” She was right on.

Jumperoo in front of the fireplace

Taken 2.5 seconds before he dropped the baby on his face

Frozen mango

After much of the snow melted… still a mess

Borscht from the freezer and rolls from a bag… mmm

Sick Megan

2 thoughts on “Power outage

  1. I HATE power outages. Even when I'm prepared, they still stink. Unlucky for us they always occur right at dusk so the kids are scared to go to bed and we think about what to eat for dinner so long that we end up having crackers or something lame like that 🙂 I hope things warm up for you guys soon.

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