Benny Turns 3!

As soon as we heard Ben calling from his crib, we were all excited to wish him a happy birthday. There was a pile of presents for him in the playroom, and we opened them almost first thing. He got a play kitchen with some plastic food, some cool felt food from Grandma and Grandpa, and a “Benjamin” CD and toy truck from Grammy and Poppy. After he opened everything, his favorite thing: the Cars birthday card that played “Life is a Highway.” He is still carrying it around, opening and closing it repeatedly.

The big kids went off to school, Dad to work, and Ben and I cleaned up and got ready for the day. At lunchtime we had a small party for Ben at McDonald’s. It was very impromptu, I just emailed a bunch of moms from church earlier in the week. I told them to meet us at the McDonald’s Playplace for Happy Meals and cupcakes, and gifts weren’t necessary but something small, or even hand-me-down, was welcome. Five other moms showed up with one or two kids in tow. They had a blast playing in our newly remodeled Playplace (it’s nice and clean!) I ordered six Happy Meals. Logan was so content watching all the big kids run around, making a lot of noise. We weren’t the only ones there; it was busy! Luckily, we showed up at 11:30 and staked a lot of good Playland real estate. Towards the end, we had cupcakes and sang “Happy Birthday” to Ben. Sadly, I didn’t take my camera, but I got a few photos from my friend Bethany’s iPhone. Ben had a really fun time. He opened his presents, some new, some hand-me-down. One mom apologetically said she didn’t have time to run home and get something, so she wrapped up a large bouncy ball from the floorboard of her car in a piece of paper. Of course, it was Ben’s favorite present. He slept with it last night.

Ben requested a “big chocolate cake” for his birthday, and since I made cupcakes for McDonald’s we made the chocolate cake today, and will eat it tonight. I’m so excited that my Bennis the Menace is three. He makes life interesting and you can’t help but love the tornado he is.


One thought on “Benny Turns 3!

  1. We were bummed to miss Ben's special day 😦 !! When I woke up and my back was out, I knew we weren't going anywhere. At least A felt sorry for me because he even took a 2 hour morning nap!I am glad Ben had such a great time. One of these days we will get our preschoolers together to play while the babies entertain each other and we chat … gotta find a time in between embracing the chaos 🙂 !!Do tell me more about the open play at the Lutheran Church. What time is that at? Is there a cost?

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