The news

Thursday night Christopher and I went to the temple, and really enjoyed it. When we got home at 9:30, Logan was still awake. Poor Ashley. He had fussed for her the entire time, wouldn’t take the bottle and wouldn’t sleep. When I walked in, he smiled a great big smile. After I paid her, Ashley high-tailed it out of there, and Logan nursed greedily and went right to sleep. We cancelled our Saturday night babysitter. It will likely be a few more months before he’s ready. So sad.

Friday was a great day. The sun was shining. We walked to the park, in Seattle, in January, and there were other moms and kids there. So fun! We stayed until Ben threw a rock at a sweet little Asian boy named Calvin. I apologized to the mom, made Ben apologize to Calvin, and we immediately walked home and put Ben to bed. The sunshine and fresh air must have done the trick, because both Ben and Logan slept from one to four. I was all set to take a marathon nap, when Christopher walked through the front door.

“Christopher, is that you?”
“What are you doing home? Did you get fired?” Joking.
“All right, then.”

So I didn’t get a nap, after all. I tried, but of course, who can sleep after that?
I not too worried. We have savings, so we’ll just move forward. We plan on staying here. Well, Christopher plans on staying here and we are happy here, so I’m okay with it. I just miss my family. Or rather, I know they are missing these guys:

(Asking Ben to “smile” for the camera. Hilarious results.)


7 thoughts on “The news

  1. Sorry to hear the news. It sounds like you have a great attitude and I have no doubt things will work out. I've told you once and I'll tell you again–there's a big empty lot for sale right next door to us. 🙂

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