Trampolines and Lunchboxes

Today had bright spots, and a definite lose-it moment. We got the kids off to school. Megan was still complaining of being sick, and although I didn’t doubt her throat may have hurt a little, I think she was more worried about her homework assignments that she has been slowly making up. She got seriously behind on some reading and writing logs and other work, and has been catching up. I don’t worry too much about it, because she reads and writes constantly for fun, but I know she needs to get into good habits. At any rate, I told her to go to school, and if at 11:30 she was still sick, she could call me and I’d pick her up.

She called me at 9:30, but not because she was sick. “You didn’t pack me a lunch,” she said. Yes, I did, I put it in your backpack. I can’t find it, she said. Go look again.

She called back a few minutes later. She couldn’t find it. Her teacher even helped her look. I told her to buy a cafeteria lunch.

I took Ben to open play at the Methodist church. He was awful. Instead of playing nicely on the toys like all the other kids, he was running circles in the fellowship hall. When the lights went out, I looked around. Of course it was him. He found the dry erase markers someone left behind. He found a screw on the ground. When, after about half an hour of “playing”, he knocked over a trash can, we headed out of there, much to the relief, I’m sure, of the other moms. We stopped at the library to get a few books (I can’t keep Gavin in books these days) and headed home. Logan went immediately to bed and I knocked on my neighbor’s door and told her to come play with us. My favorite part about Stephanie is that she is a true stay-at-home mom. I seriously have never met another mom who stays at home as much as I do. She brought Jason (4) and Connor (2) outside and we let them run around with Ben in the cul-de-sac until lunchtime.

At noon I was starving and made myself a huge taco salad and set Ben up with some mac and cheese. Logan was in the Jumperoo. I get a phone call. “Mom, they won’t let me buy a lunch because I don’t have money on my account.” Where in the world is your lunchbox?!

So I ended up having to take money to the school. Oh, but first, I had to rinse Logan in the tub because when I got him out of the Jumperoo he had pooped up to his neck. The prunes he had eaten 18 hours earlier decided to kick in at that moment. Oh, and while I was getting him dressed Ben decided to drop my cordless phone in a sink of running water. AGAIN.

That was when I lost it, slightly.

Once I got back home and got the boys to bed and ate my soggy taco salad, I felt much better.

When Megan got home, she had her lunchbox. It was IN THE LUNCH BIN. Apparently, at the beginning of the day all the lunchboxes go in the lunch bin and she must have dropped hers and some other kid put it in the lunch bin.

The kids spent the waning after-school moments of daylight on the trampoline. We acquired that last weekend from some friends moving out of state. I love that the days are getting longer and it has been pretty dry for a Seattle winter. A trampoline is a perfect Seattle backyard toy because it has to be just dry enough to jump. Logan sat in his Bumbo in the backyard and watched the big kids. He is getting too big for his fleece bunting but I still stuff him into it. His coat just doesn’t look near as comfy as the bunting.

Christopher came home and took Ben to get a pizza. We bought a year supply of pizza from a place that (unbeknownst to us) doesn’t deliver to our address. Dumb school fundraiser. The pizza is tasty, though. Christopher has been helping his Uncle Corey at his business while he waits for responses to his job inquiries. He has his first meeting on Thursday.

I don’t know about you, but pizza for dinner always makes my evenings happier.


3 thoughts on “Trampolines and Lunchboxes

  1. Soggy lunches, blow outs, preschoolers and their theatrics … yes, I can relate!So happy that you got a trampoline. Did you get that from the Debenham's when they moved? We thought about it. It sure would be a great energy burner for the kids 🙂 !!

  2. First of all, the news post threw me for a loop. I'm glad you aren't worried, that makes things much easier. Christopher is so qualified for anything and I'm glad you know it :)The most recent post cracked me up. Of course the poop to the neck happens when you are about to leave the house. And Mr. Ben that little rascal he makes me laugh so hard!

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