Spelling Bee and Cloth Diapers

Wednesday night was Megan’s spelling bee. Out of 10 kids, she came in 5th. The whole thing lasted 15-20 minutes. Once they started giving them words not on the list, they went down quickly. Megan missed “community”, leaving out the “n”, but she spelled forecast, accuracy, and exploit correctly. The winner was her friend Stuti. She met Stuti at the end of 3rd grade, and declared her “mean”, but this year they have made friends, and I’m glad. I sat next to Stuti’s mom at the spelling bee, and she was both nice and intelligent. I’m glad Megan is being challenged academically by her peers. After the spelling bee we went out for frozen yogurt. Three of her friends (including one of the finalists, Grace) were going, so she sat at the bar with her friends and I joined Grace’s parents, Scott and Renee.

Thursday I took Ben and Logan to the children’s museum with Shay and Rylan. Ben had such a blast, I forgot how much fun it was to take a three-year-old to a children’s museum. It was like deja vu with three-year-old Megan and baby Gavin.

Logan has been a mess lately. His two bottom teeth cut through this week, and he has been a drooling, fussing, pooping mess. Last night (this morning) at three a.m. this haiku popped into my head: “Teething, my old friend / razor white through soft, pink gums / I’ll ne’er sleep again.”

The no sleep is tough. Not newborn tough, but still exhausting. And we had to come up with a whole new poop solution. Logan was blowing out every diaper (brand and size) that I tried. My sister swears that cloth diapers don’t leak, so I went on craigslist and bought 10 Thirsties Duo Diapers. I decided I’d rather wash poop from diapers than clothes. So far they have performed beautifully, and are very easy to use. I bought the size large, 9-36 months, 18-40 pounds. They have snaps to adjust the size on the baby. Surprisingly, Logan is the largest size. He must just have a freakishly-long torso or something, because on the “longest” size, the diapers are just barely containing the mess. I just love craigslist. Not only were the diapers a fantastic price, but the mom actually met me at the children’s museum, and took a check. Super easy.

Today was gorgeous. High of 53 and sunny. Repeat tomorrow, so there will be lots of trampoline-jumping and neighborhood-walking. I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Spelling Bee and Cloth Diapers

  1. It is amazing how similar Logan and Asher are … Logan is just a few months behind. It wasn't that long ago where I was dealing with multiple daily blowouts. We finally switched to size 4 of the Costco diapers and that has worked for us. So glad you found something that works for you! (P.S. All my kids have really long torsos. They must get it from me.)Asher has also been a teething mess lately … and he is sick. Again. He used to sleep pretty decently at night, but lately he has been up every 4 hours. I don't know if it is teething, the typical 9 month growth spurt or this head cold he has. Even the crying it out method is not working. I hear you on the no sleep thing … I hope you and I both start getting better sleep soon. Hopefully Logan and Asher get the memo 🙂 !!

  2. Who'd have thought cloth diapers would do the trick? I'd never have thought of it. Congrats to Megan, and I loved your poem. I can't believe you have poems randomly pop into your head. You just keep getting cooler!

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