Gavin turns 7!

Gavin turned 7 on Saturday. We threw him a party, and asked who he wanted to invite. He just happened to list the seven closest kids to us. All are within about a block. I had him hand-deliver invitations before I even knew what we would do. I didn’t actually plan the party until the day before. Luckily, first graders are easy!

Everyone arrived at 11 a.m. We started by having everyone decorate their tails for pin-the-tail on the donkey. This was a kit from Target for $4.99, and a great investment. That activity, plus the pinning, took half an hour. Next, we did an ABC Scavenger hunt for items around the house and yard. That took another 20 minutes. The pizza was scheduled to arrive at noon but late, so I popped a bunch of popcorn and then sent the kids out in the backyard. The pizza was still late, so we opened presents. The pizza arrived shortly. After pizza was cake and ice cream, and then it was time to go home! Gavin and his friends had a great time, and he got some really cool presents.

Mom and Dad – a baseball glove and Little League
Grammy and Poppy – Mario Kart and Phineas and Ferb DS games
Grandma and Grandpa – set of books, kind of like Magic Tree House but they travel to places in the scriptures
Jacob – a multi-tool for camping (probably his favorite) and Bananagrams
Dalton – a semi-automatic Nerf gun (Christopher’s favorite)
Maya and Erika – a handcrafted wood rack with hooks (my favorite), Legos
Nia – a game called Beat the Parents
Matthew and Jason – Beyblades and stadium

Gavin, at seven, is a smart, fun boy. He still loves electronics, and we have to be careful with how much he plays. He is reading like crazy and loves playing with his friends in the neighborhood. He loves to build Legos or K’nex with Christopher. He’s growing up, but he still sleeps with his monkey and throws the occasional temper tantrum. He is having a great school year, and I imagine his summer will be awesome as he roams the neighborhood in search of his next adventure.


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