1. After bragging for months that we’ve had a healthy winter, everyone caught a cold, except for Gavin, my robust kid. Megan started coughing and the baby is fussy, but neither has warranted a visit to the pediatrician. Yet. We have not had a sick visit since we arrived here in May, a true record (knock on wood).

2. Logan has started rolling with impunity. He also likes to pull hair and bite (me, while nursing). But we still think he’s “so ‘dorable!”, as Ben would say.

3. Gavin turned 7! That deserves its own blog post.

4. Haircuts for all, including a full shave for Christopher’s head. He finally decided he lost enough on top to go for the shave. I declared it hot, Allison agreed (we all laugh awkwardly), the boys are indifferent and Megan hates it.

5. Allison came to visit! She arrived Wednesday and promptly caught the cold that was going around. Luckily I convinced her to stay for 19 days, so I have her for a while.


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