Valentine’s Day

After a rough night, I finally broke my streak and took Logan to the pediatrician. I had just given him a dose of Motrin and he was completely charming when the doctor entered. She said, “It’s pretty rare for kids this young to have ear infections,” and I was like, “Well, let’s see.” They were definitely infected; she even let me take a look in the otoscope. The amoxicillin is in his system, and I’ll keep the Motrin going. Poor kid; no wonder he has been so cranky.

Our Valentine’s Day was great. I think it started Monday night with Christopher watching two hours of Downton Abbey with me. Even though we (I) had a rough night with both Logan and Ben (who asked for breakfast at 3 a.m.; he got a string cheese and sippy cup of milk), the day began wonderfully with heart-shaped breakfast. I made French toast hearts, and Christopher made chocolate-chip pancake hearts.

The day progressed quickly with the doctor visit, waiting at the pharmacy, and naps. Even better, Allison let Christopher and I go out on a date. We went to the gun range so I could practice with my new gun and then got a little dinner at this great hole-in-the-wall Mexican place we discovered in Issaquah.

We also exchanged gifts. Or, at least I received! Christopher gave me both a Nook AND a Kindle this morning. We are going to share and trade as needed, depending on whose books are available through the public library or the Amazon Kindle library. We are both excited to read with them. I see many hours of sitting together with our e-readers.

Megan, though, celebrated the day with more gusto than anyone. She had Allison take her to Target yesterday, and with her own money bought me and the boys boxes of chocolates. She knew that I would prefer chocolate to flowers, and knew Christopher best of all: instead of spending money on him, she remembered his favorite treat and had me make it for him. All I could think was, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Allison, in turn, got Megan some flowers and chocolates, and Allison’s boyfriend sent her an awesome gift in the mail. All in all, it was the most celebrated Valentine’s Day I think we’ve ever had!


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