Mid-Winter Break

So our school district has “mid-winter break”, or a week off in February. I believe this is mainly an opportunity for Eastside families (and teachers) to head to Disneyland, Hawaii, Whistler, or the Caribbean (Gavin’s teacher is cruising in Mexico), but for those of us with six-month-olds and no jobs, this provides an opportunity for creativity.

Today was a success. We headed to the Rainbow Playground Depot in Kirkland, which opens its showroom for “open play” three mornings a week. There were 13 large play structures set up, ranging in price from $2K to $12K, several basketball hoops, and tables and chairs set up for snack times. All the kids enjoyed swinging (even baby swings for Logan), climbing, sliding, and snacking, and best of all, it was FREE!

ps Logan seems to be a bit better. This is what we had to do when his ears were hurting him. This was just before Gavin’s birthday party. After he fell asleep, we laid him down and he slept through the entire party.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Break

  1. I will definitely be checking out that Rainbow Playground. When are their open showroom hours? Maybe we could coordinate our schedule sometime 🙂 !!LOVE the picture of Logan zonked in the carrier!!

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