Doctor, swimming, lazy bones

Wednesday Megan and Gavin had their 9- and 7-year-old checkups at the pediatrician. Megan is 68 pounds (50th percentile) and 53 inches (50-75th percentile). She has grown an inch and a half since last May. We talked about her asthma regimen but other than that she is completely healthy. I was able to get her cough under control last week without a trip to the doctor, and maybe I can continue to do so. At this point I have been trusted with a plethora of medicines (they even gave me refills on the oral steroids) and have our best game plan yet. It also helps that it’s been a mild winter, virus-wise.

Gavin weighed in at 45.5 pounds (10-25th percentile) and 47 inches (25-50th percentile). Megan, two years older, outweighs him by 23 pounds, and Ben, four years younger, is only about 8 pounds lighter. So he’s my lightweight. Thankfully, he is in good company. His best friends are all little guys (Jacob and Dalton) or tiny Asian girls (Nia, Maya, and Erika). So that’s great news. Also, I have noticed the practice of holding boys back, to make them older in their grade, is less common here. Gavin is also my healthy kid. He rarely gets sick, despite being my kid who runs around outside with no jacket in the winter, and has been known to take out the trash in bare feet at well.

After the doctor I got my hair cut. I ordered the Carol Peck haircut, for this woman in my ward who has perfect, gorgeous, curly hair. She is good friends with Pam, who cuts my hair and actually takes measurements of her client’s styles, so we pulled out Carol’s measurements and snipped my hair accordingly. It doesn’t look as good on me as on Carol, who has more defined curls, but hers are more defined for a reason. Carol is an empty-nester and Pam says she actually spends time taming her perfect locks. So I don’t feel so bad, because I spend approximately 15 seconds styling my hair every day. Mine is cute enough for now.

Wednesday night Allison and I went out, just the two of us, to talk and eat Indian food. We found ourselves later at Target buying socks for the kids, because I’m a partier like that. But it was nice to have some good chats.

Megan was so jealous of our girl time that Allison took her out to dinner Thursday night at Panera. Then tonight the three of us watched Soul Surfer.

Thursday morning Christopher and I took the three big kids swimming. There are not a lot of options around here, but we enjoyed playing at the public pool in Issaquah, which was fun for the kids if not on the chilly side. I took some fun video.

The past few days have been like a long extended weekend, in a good way. I’m sad Allison has to leave on Sunday, but I will be a little excited when the kids go back to school Monday. We have done some fun things, but with the nasty weather and general laziness, the kids have also play lots and lots of video games. What can you do?


One thought on “Doctor, swimming, lazy bones

  1. I love Allison. She looks so happy and beautiful! And I want to see a picture of your hair. You and caitlin can do just about anything to those gorgeous curls and still look amazing!

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