Ben stayed home from school sick, again, and now Logan is sick, too. The only time the latter was happy was when I was wearing him in the Ergo on my back. I managed to make dinner this way, but after 15 minutes or so he got restless and did a full back arch, managing to smack his forehead on the refrigerator. His forehead. Upside down, on the fridge. Thankfully he was secure in the Ergo and just had a red bonk.

The other time Logan was happy? The bathtub. My kids love baths and water, and Logan is no exception. Gavin loves to take baths with his little brothers. Just recently I started bathing the little boys together in my big tub, and Gavin started joining them. The three brothers in the tub has become a regular event.

Now that all the kids are in bed and I have these adorable pictures to look at, I can hardly remember the rest of the day, during which I bounced fussy Logan on my hip for hours and hours and generally wanted to curl up in fetal position and cry.

ps I’m pretty sure Logan’s arms and legs are bigger than Gavin’s. Those are some Carroll genes in my skinny seven-year-old.


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