Ugh, flu

I swear I knocked on wood when I said we had had such a healthy winter. Curses. As Gavin got over his fever/cough thing, and Ben and Logan revved up their snotty noses, I got exhausted, then fever, then chills. This was Thursday. I knew immediately it was the flu, and I thought, “But we got flu shots! Darn you CDC!” And then I thought, “Well, Gavin had a pretty mild case. He only ran a fever for day or two and was back to school after five days laying around.” Hopefully it won’t take me that long.

Hah! By Friday night I was miserable and Saturday I got my wonderful friend/neighbor to drive me to urgent care (Christopher had his HANDS FULL with the kids) and after an hour or so I had tested positive for flu, with a secondary sinus infection, and something brewing in the lungs. I left with a Z-pack and within about 12 hours of taking the first two pills my fever was down and I felt pretty good. Sunday I felt like I could, you know, sit up and nurse the baby. Then Sunday night was miserable again and my fever’s back and I’m laying down to nurse again. I don’t even know what that kid is eating because how am I still making milk in this condition?

Anyway, please pray for my swift recovery, for the eventual recovery of the disaster zone that is our house, and that Christopher (bless his heart) will stay patient with the kids. Shay brought us dinner tonight, and Christopher laughed and said, “You can tell she’s a Southern woman.”

Random photo: Ben at preschool


4 thoughts on “Ugh, flu

  1. I cannot get over Megan's fashion notebook! Oh my goodness! What a girl. I'm going to enjoy the last couple years of my girls letting me dress them. I hope you all get feeling better soon.

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