St. Patty’s Day

I put on a green shirt today, because it was my only clean turtleneck. And it was snowing when I woke up. Megan said, “Good job wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.” Oh, is it St. Pat’s Day? Well, how about that.

I started feeling a lot better in the middle of the week, but I am still regaining my strength. The flu really weakened me, and I am struggling to get the house back in order. Logan spiked a fever on Wednesday and I took him in. His ears and lungs were fine and five minutes and twenty dollars later they sent me on my way. Ben’s fever spiked on Friday and Megan’s today and I am fairly confident they both have the flu.

Logan turned seven months today. We have been in survival mode for so many weeks we have barely noted his milestones. Sometime while I had the flu he started babbling “real” words: Dada, Baba. Sometimes he chatters, “Blah, blah, blah,” which is hilarious. He is still rolling like crazy, and scooting backwards. He seems a bit more agile than my other babies at this age, but he’s still not sitting up comfortably. He ate a tiny bit of oatmeal with bananas for breakfast, a few mashed peaches around lunchtime (from a can), and a bit of rice cereal and green beans for dinner. He was not a happy camper today, and so I mostly nursed him, and didn’t push the food, just offered a few bites when I sat down to eat.

I snapped a few pictures of the boys playing (whining, crying, snotting) today. You can tell Ben is running a fever, and Logan is still a bit cross-eyed. He’s seeing the opthamologist on Monday morning.


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