More trips to the pediatrician’s office

Megan is slowly getting better. I haven’t sent her to school yet this week and I put her on the asthma regimen (steroids, etc.) I think I’ll send her to school tomorrow and see what happens. She’s hacking but I think she feels fine otherwise.

I finally sent Ben back to school today. He’s still sniffling but he’s driving me crazy and I think he did fine.

Logan screamed bloody murder all night long. We fell asleep together in the armchair watching Jimmy Fallon at 1:30 a.m. I took him to the pediatrician this morning and was so afraid it was going to be “just teething”. Nope, another double ear infection so he’s back on the antibiotics. I hate ear infections. He probably was just starting the ear infection when I took him in last Wednesday, but it takes a few days to go from fluid-filled to infected. I need to buy an otoscope and learn the changes in the their ears so I know exactly when they need antibiotics.

Also, I found a cute baby picture of Christopher:

Just kidding, it’s Logan. But you’d never know the difference.

I took Logan to the opthamologist. Twenty bucks and an hour of waiting later they basically handed me a pamphlet called “Pseudostrabismus” and sent me on my way. Good news: he’s fine. Bad news: I could have saved myself some time and money with a more thorough Google search.

I thought Logan might look like me, but no such luck. Good thing I married a good-looking guy.


3 thoughts on “More trips to the pediatrician’s office

  1. I was going to say that Logan is the spitting image of Christopher by that picture!I am with you, ear infections are the worst. Especially when you know they have them but have to pay to have someone tell you that.

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