Springtime is here

I think we are finally coming out of the worst of it. I sent Megan to school last Thursday, and she came home totally wiped out and fell asleep until 7 p.m. While she was sleeping I took Gavin and the little boys to Gavin’s first Little League practice, which he loved. I took Megan to the doctor on Friday morning and the pediatrician upped her asthma meds. She rested all weekend and I sent her to school this morning, but picked her up after lunch. Her respiratory system is so sensitive and this flu just knocked her out, but I can finally tell she’s on the road to recovery. Knock on wood.

We enjoyed a gorgeous weekend. Saturday got up to about 60 degrees, which is perfect for March in Seattle. Gavin had another baseball practice. The kids have loved jumping on the trampoline. Logan’s new favorite thing is the stroller. He loves being outside and fusses inside. Saturday afternoon I took an hour-long walk with Logan while everyone napped, then I hit a huge consignment sale and scored some great deals.

Ben seems to be feeling better. He didn’t get into the preschool program at the elementary school and I was really disappointed at first, thinking “What’s wrong with my kid?” But the process definitely did not show Ben in the best light. I had to drop him off to be “evaluated” for thirty minutes, and if you know Ben, you know it takes him that long to warm up to something, especially unfamiliar people and places, and especially when he’s been feeling bad. He screamed when I dropped him off, but of course when I picked him up thirty minutes later, he was having a great time.

At any rate, I’m over it now. Preschool is so expensive here, but I’ll figure something out, and I won’t worry about it until the summer. With the way people move around here, I’m sure I can find him a spot somewhere great. And somewhere that will appreciate my Benny!

Ben is so verbal it’s hard to remember how young he really is. He has been incredibly contrary lately, reminding me that the terrible three’s really are worse than the two’s. At two they can pitch a tantrum, but at three they can really be manipulative. Here are some funny things he’s said lately:

“Mom, thanks for getting me dressed! I appreciate it!”
“If you carry me to my bed, I’m going to struggle against you!”
“No, I willn’t!”

And how you know he lives in Seattle:
“The sun is so bright! It hurts my eyes!”
“When are the blackberries ready?” (in the summer) “When is summer?” (when it’s hot and you wear shorts) “What are shorts?

These pictures were taken Sunday afternoon. It was chilly but Gavin won’t wear a jacket if it’s above 55 degrees. Another Seattle kid.


2 thoughts on “Springtime is here

  1. So glad everyone is on the mend! p.s. no there is no announcement, I just know there is another baby up there we'll just see when he is ready to come! Or when I am ready to have him come 🙂

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