Conference Weekend

Oh, the time is just flying. Christopher said he feels like every time he turns around it is Monday night again and we are sitting down for Family Night. The weekend was great. We watched General Conference on Saturday. Gavin’s morning baseball practice was rained out. The sun came out in the late afternoon, Christopher went to Priesthood session, and I took all four kids to Stride Rite! Before I went I made an Excel spreadsheet of every pair of kids’ shoes I had in the house, so I would know what I needed. Church shoes for Megan. Sneakers for Ben. I ended up leaving the store without buying any shoes, a first. But I needed to get everyone measured, so I can snatch up any good shoes I see at the consignment shop. For the gas money it cost to get to North Bend, I probably could have just bought a foot ruler. Just kidding. I just googled it. They are called Brannock devices and they cost $80. We stopped for pizza and a movie before heading home.

Sunday some friends from church, Owen and Kris Allen, invited us over for breakfast and to watch Conference. We ate and chatted and then piled on the couch for Conference. The Allen’s youngest is Megan’s age so the house was not Benny-proof. After about 10 minutes of him getting into stuff (he was not interested in playing the Leapster we brought), we started thinking about heading home to watch Conference. When Logan started fussing, we excused ourselves.

We warmed up pizza for lunch and after I thought I was going to fall over, so I said to Christopher, “I have to take a nap. Wake me up at two.” He was like, “Uh, okay.” All four kids were running around, and he was nice to let me sleep. I needed it.

After the last session of Conference ended, our friends Jenny and Sean Taylor came over for dinner. We had a lot of fun chatting with them, and are happy they ended up in Seattle. I had seen Jenny last summer, but we hadn’t seen Sean since they visited us in D.C. They just bought a house here so it looks like they are sticking around.

Speaking of sticking around, Christopher got a job! I’ll give the details when everything is final, but he had his last round of interviews on Friday, and they gave him the good news today. I think it’s going to work out well, and it is both a relief and a reminder that God is good, and prayers are answered.


3 thoughts on “Conference Weekend

  1. So incredibly thrilled to hear the good news about the job front! We have been keeping you guys in our prayers! What a blessing to get one so soon after the last one … I am assuming this is for the company that Chris was telling Ryan about on Saturday evening at Priesthood session? Will health benefits kick in pretty quickly?Congrats šŸ™‚ !!And yes, God is good!

  2. Sometimes conference is better at your own home so your kids can do their normal thing. Sounds like a great week and I can't wait to hear details about Christopher's job. Heavenly Father definitely is good!

  3. Yay for getting the job!! That is so smart to make an excel sheet for shoes, my kids always end up wearing crocs to church or something ridiculous like that. Lol, I think i'll have to try that idea!

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