Circus circus

It’s amazing the circus I go through with these kids. Monday night Logan spiked a fever again and Tuesday he was unbearably fussy. I took him to the pediatrician at 4 p.m. and his ears were bad again (bulging was the diagnosis). The doctor asked how long ago he had finished his amoxicillin and I said, “I don’t know, a week? You prescribed it, check your record.” It had been four days. Basically, Logan was healthy for two or three days. The doctor then gave me a choice. Ooh, I thought, I like choices. Augmentin or Rocephin. I asked what he recommended and he said studies showed they worked the same and it was personal preference. I said, “Coaxing a seven-month-old to choke down twenty doses of a nasty medicine or a shot? Stick him.” Poor guy ended up getting two simultaneously pokes. The Rocephin was thick and they decided to split it in two doses and have two nurses stick him in a leg at the same time. The shot didn’t bother him too much.

We rushed home because Gavin had his first Little League game at six. Christopher took him early for warm-ups and because he had volunteered to umpire. I warmed up some leftover pizza and we rushed out the door. When I left the doctor’s office at 5, it was bright and sunny. When I got to the ball field at 6:15, it was raining again. By 6:30, it was sunny again, and there was a big rainbow stretched out across the field. Logan fell asleep in the Ergo, Megan stood behind home plate cheering for Gavin, and Ben. Oh, Ben. There was a playground right next to the field but he wasn’t all that interested. He wanted to be on the field. “I want to help the team!” he whined over and over. I knew he was tired and after Gavin’s first at bat I dragged him to the car. With Christopher behind the plate and Logan asleep on me, it was a circus. I felt the judgement of all the other parents there. You could almost hear them thinking, “Holy cow, does she have her hands full.” I felt embarrassed and my first reaction was to take it out on Ben but I managed to suppress that impulse. By the time we pulled into the garage he was saying, “I love you, mommy. Can you put me to bed?”

And then Logan screamed for the next five hours. He was apoplectic. At one point I called the doctor, asking for Tylenol with codeine, after a Facebook friend in Arizona commented that her doctor prescribed it for her 8-month-old with an ear infection. But my doctor said no. Shortly after midnight, after alternating Motrin and Tylenol, administering ear drops and pacing with him in the Baby Bjorn, he fell asleep and sleep most of the night, waking to eat at 3 and 6 and sleeping in until 9:30, when he woke up happy. We ran errands while Ben was at preschool and he seemed much better.

Now it’s sunny and 50 and the kids have been in the backyard for an hour and a half. Every so often they get in a big fight and I’ll hear screaming and then they’ll work it out and I’ll hear laughing again. They are so loud and our backyard borders about six of our neighbors, and I wonder if we drive them crazy. My mom asked, “Don’t they have kids, too?” They do, but they’re not as loud as mine.


6 thoughts on “Circus circus

  1. I guess I'm behind on your blog because I didn't even know that Chris was looking for a new job. Congrats and we can't wait to hear more about it. We hope poor Logan feels better soon.

  2. I didn't get the "Augmentin or Rocephin" choice and trying to get that nasty Augmentin stuff down A's throat is a challenge! You made the right call!! Though hopefully since this first round of antibiotics is a strong one it will do the trick. How many ear infections has he had? Or is this one so stubborn it isn't going away? Hopefully he won't need tubes or anything. "I felt embarrassed and my first reaction was to take it out on Ben but I managed to suppress that impulse." Good for you … I struggle with that one, too. Our kids really do match up well … mine are VERY loud. Ryan and I constantly joke about noise pollution in our house 🙂 !!And I hear you on the screaming nights, though ours are improving now that he is on meds. Hang in there! You are one tough and amazing mamma!

  3. I feel that judgement all the time. I like to think I'm just imagining it and that people are impressed and will be patient with me. Most of the time they are patient, but I get so many "Are all those yours?" and "Boy, you've got your hands full" that it makes me wonder what they really think. Tell Ben I COMPLETELY understand about wanting to be out there on the ball field. I die a little each time I have to watch a game and not get to play.

  4. Atticus had frequent ear infections with the bulging diagnosis, and we wouldn't even know until well baby checks. He was that pleasant of a baby…Warm garlic oil. For the ears. Look it up!

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