Easter weekend

Easter weekend was glorious. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, health, or company. We asked the Easter bunny to visit us on Saturday morning, thinking it would help us be on time to church Sunday morning. However, knowing E.B. had hid eggs made our kids rise extra early, so the plan backfired a bit. No worries, it was a fun day.

After candy and pancakes, I ran errands with Megan and Ben. I still hadn’t found Easter shoes for Megan, and I had no luck during our trip, either. When I got home with groceries and no shoes, Christopher took Megan and Logan back shopping and returned with a Papa Murphy’s pizza, root beer, and shoes. While he was gone Jansen and Holly and girls arrived and we took an easy hike at Tiger Mountain. Holly had a geocaching app on her iPhone and we found our first geocache. No one was more excited than Megan.

Easter morning we rushed to get ready for church and I still didn’t have time to take pictures. I decided to take them after Sacrament meeting, but forgot my camera. So we couldn’t take pictures until after church, and by then everyone was done. I’m sure I’ll treasure these, anyway.

After church I threw together a spinach and strawberry salad and we headed to the Sanders’ house for a big Easter dinner. The Sanders’ live across from a horse farm that reminds me of beautiful Charlottesville. They had invited a ton of families from church, and because the weather was perfect we ate and played outside the whole time. We had a traditional ham dinner, followed by dessert and an egg hunt for the kids. Ben ran wild the whole time and it was exhausting but we had a great time and I’m glad we went. I was too busy juggling Ben or Logan to take pictures but here are some from the Stout’s camera:

We are so happy we could celebrate the Resurrected Lord with friends and family, good food, and gorgeous sunny weather.


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