Spring Break

The kids had spring break this week, and Christopher starts his new job on Monday, so we enjoyed the entire week off together. We thought about leaving town, but I couldn’t imagine the fun in driving, flying, or sleeping in a hotel with Ben or Logan, and Seattle is too far from anywhere to do a beach trip or something easy, so we decided to take a Staycation.

The weather, once again, cooperated nicely. Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous, sunny and warm. Monday Logan was exhausted so I stayed home while Christopher took the kids to see people flying model airplanes.

He also took them to Chuck-E-Cheese, which I thought was kind of funny given the weather, but apparently he really likes to take the kids there. Or at least they love it when he does. We spent the evening in the backyard, grilling burgers and jumping on the trampoline.

Tuesday a group of moms were going walking at Seward Park, so I went with them while Christopher stayed home and mowed the lawn and cleaned out the garage. There were five of us, and among us we had 16 boys. And Megan.

Wednesday was gloomier but we visited Pike Place Market and the Seattle Center anyway. We stopped in the Pacific Science Center while we were there but opted to do the Space Needle on a sunnier day. The Science Center had not changed a bit since we were there five years ago, which was both comforting and disappointing. I took Ben and Logan to the “tot” area, and experienced deja vu from when I used to take Megan and Gavin. We caught a preschool planetarium show, which I think the big kids liked, but I had to take Logan out because he was fussy. He caught 10-minute naps in the Ergo throughout the day and was half wired, half fussy.

We left Seattle at three because the kids had a dentist appointment. Taking Ben (and Gavin, to some extent) to the dentist after sightseeing all day was a mild disaster, but we survived. Gavin has the beginning of a cavity, the first in our entire family, but it makes sense. He loves sugar, hates dairy, and doesn’t let me brush, so we are changing all that–less sugar, more milk, and help with brushing and flossing from mom.

After the dentist we went to Triple XXX Rootbeer and got a giant cheeseburger, root beer, and Butterfinger milkshake. In case our teeth were too healthy.

Thursday we had planned to visit another museum but were too exhausted. The little boys took long naps and the weather went from sun to rain, and back to sun again. We did a lot of organizing work around the house.

Friday Christopher woke up sick with a bad cold. I took the kids to a local park with Shay and kids while Logan was napping. The weather was perfect again (sunny and 60) and the kids played outside all afternoon. Grilled chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner ended our Staycation.


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