This week has been a blur. Monday I spent Ben’s preschool time cleaning the house, sometimes with Logan looking on. Monday afternoon I briefly watched a friend’s kids. They were still here when Megan and Gavin got home from school, and almost immediately Gavin’s two best friends knocked on the door, followed by Megan’s “bff”. It was briefly a zoo. Funny enough, Ben was sound asleep the entire time.

Megan’s best friend, Mimi, called her dad to let her know when she got here. On her brand new iPhone. Mimi also has her own laptop. Just when I was thinking she might be a too-mature influence on Megan, they went in Ben’s room and played “restaurant” with his pretend kitchen and food for an hour and a half. I didn’t worry after that.

Tuesday I woke up with a horrible clogged duct, what I get for cleaning my house. I spent the day trying to rest with my cute boys. Ben is now sleeping in a toddler bed. He transitioned just fine, almost like potty training. One day, I said, “Hey Shay, I’m coming to get the toddler bed.” I picked it up, Chris put it together, and he slept in it that night. So that’s done. Someday we’ll have to start thinking about giving up the pacifier. Today is not that day.

The most exciting news of the week is Christopher started his new job. His official title is Senior Project Manager at Expedia, although we both are not sure exactly what the job will entail. I hope he likes it AND I hope he’s home for dinner. Both are up in the air. He’ll have the opportunity for some international travel, which he’s excited for, and I hope I can handle. I like the idea of travel, the perk of the miles and hotel points. Plus, I know someday I’ll be able to travel with him.

The weather was nice until Thursday. My days are so much better when I can send the kids into the backyard on the trampoline. Thursday I woke up with no patience and the day only went downhill from there. The bright spot of Thursday was baby Brooklyn was born and Shay finally got to meet her daughter.

Friday Ben refused to nap, we got the carpets cleaned, and I signed Ben up for preschool at the high school down the street for next year. They run a preschool and high school students sign up for early childhood education classes. When I stopped by today they welcomed us in. The main teacher, Robyn, is so nice, and there were four teenage girls in there helping her today. I think Ben is going to like it. Because the carpets were still wet, we headed to McDonald’s as soon as Megan and Gavin got home and split a 20-piece chicken nugget. Then, we went to the middle school because Gavin was performing a song with his class for the school talent show. I left with the little boys during the second number, and after Gavin performed he and Christopher came home. Megan stayed for the entire 2 1/2 hour show and rode home with her friend, Madison, who lives in our neighborhood.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 65 and sunny, perfect weather for Little League and running errands.


One thought on “Blur

  1. No rush on the binkie thing … one day at a time. And I am a firm believe, too, in waiting to do things until the kids and parents are ready – potty training, transitioning to a big boy bed, getting rid of the binkie (I have a blog post for that soon), etc. When you do wait, it is so much easier to deal with 🙂 !!Hang in there! We can survive this parenting gig together!

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