Sunny Sunday

We had our third straight gorgeous, sunny weekend. No one knows what to do with this much sunshine around here. We started our day with a visit from our landlord, who lives in Germany. We had never met him, and he hadn’t seen the house in awhile, so we gave him a tour. He was really nice and I think we passed muster.

I then ran Gavin for Little League photos. Ben was already napping (he had woken up at 5:30!) and I ran home to put Logan down and Christopher took Megan and Bryant and headed to the field for Gavin’s game. When the little boys woke up we joined them, and we hadn’t missed much. First grade baseball is very, very slow. The weather was perfect and the field was adjacent to a playground so the kids (Ben, Megan) weren’t bored. Gavin made contact several times and fielded the ball nicely at shortshop, making him average, which I consider a victory. It’s his first year and he’s the smallest kid on the team. Many times, though, I looked over and he was playing in the dirt, or swinging his arms at his side. “Pay attention, Gav!” I’d remind him. “He’s your son,” Christopher joked. “No way,” I said. “He’s Devin Carroll’s nephew.” I may have been scrawny, but I always came to play! 🙂

After the game Megan went off with Bryant, Christopher took Gavin and Ben home, and Logan and I went shopping. After fighting crowds at Target, Home Depot, and Costco, we went home and enjoyed a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Early bedtimes meant for a relaxing evening for Christopher and I, and although we spent several hours working (Christopher on a consulting project this week, I on dishes/emails), we managed to end the evening with a Psych rerun and massages. I won the massage in a bet (Christopher was SURE the new redheaded Pixar princess was Irish–she’s Scottish), but I was nice enough to reciprocate.

This morning I lasted half an hour at church with the little boys. After I took the Sacrament, I headed home (Ben was coughing, Logan fussing) and Christopher and the big kids had to find a ride home.


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