Ben started running a fever late Sunday, so I took him to the pediatrician this morning. One of his ears and one section of his lungs was “borderline”, so the doctor said it was my choice whether to put him on an antibiotic. Since it had been over a year since he had an antibiotic, in fact, any sick visit to the doctor, I said, “Of course, let’s do it!” She said he could just have back-to-back viruses (colds) or he could have some bacteria in his tonsils/adenoids that are re-infecting him. At any rate, it feels like he’s been snotty and coughy forever and I hope we can get it cleared up. The weather was gorgeous today, and his short-lived fever was basically gone. He managed to get in some trampoline time in between episodes of Caillou, especially when the big kids came home from school and headed straight for the backyard.

Logan has also been continuously snotty. Several days after his Rocephin shot his stuffy nose returned full-force, but he has been happy and the doctor was nice enough to check his ears at Ben’s appointment. They are “beautiful”!


One thought on “Monday

  1. Your kids are so sickly!! Geez. Hope they feel better and this is a well summer. We've been so lucky this winter, Atticus has avoided a lot of yucks even though he hangs out with other kids that are sometimes sick.

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