I’m So Glad When Poppy Comes Home

Wednesday night Christopher picked up my dad from the airport. He got in late, after the kids were asleep. I was so happy to see him. I was on the brink of mastitis and grateful for the backup. Thankfully, that night I started using my industrial-strength breast pump and recovered quickly, without the need for my emergency stash of Keflex.

Thursday night was Gavin’s baseball game. It was held at a middle school, so no playground, and after I chased Ben around for two Gavin at-bats, I took the little boys home and put them to bed. Poppy helped.

Friday night I ran errands without kids, which was great. In the evening just Megan and I attended a talent show at church. Megan quickly left me sitting alone to join her friends, the first time I think that has happened. We had a great time, though, without the boys. Megan, funny enough, asked to be added on to the end of the program, and when they called her name, she hopped up to the piano, played a rousing version of “When the Saints Go Marching In”, and bowed deeply to the applause. She also displayed her artwork on a visual arts/crafts table.

Saturday was the fourth sunny one in a row, which is probably a record for Seattle springtime. Gavin had a game in the afternoon, this time at an elementary school with a playground. The game was at two, so I let the little boys sleep and arrived late. Gavin, who had been coached by Poppy, was hitting the ball great, and did fine fielding, as well. The games are still a bit long, but the more the boys improve, the more interesting they get. After the game we got gelato and a pizza from Costco. We played a lot of chess.

Sunday we headed to church. The Carls blessed baby Brooklyn since my dad and Shay’s parents were in town. Right after the blessing I left with Megan and Logan, who were both coughing. We all took good naps and had a nice evening. We played more chess.

Monday we got all the kids off to school and Dad helped me clean the house. Christopher finally started work at Expedia, after a week of training and a week off to do a consulting project at the Museum of Flight. Christopher’s first project will involve some Asia-Pacific travel. When he goes to Australia, my dad will be very jealous, as my dad served his two-year mission in Sydney and has been dying to get back ever since.

Monday evening we had the Plewe family come over for Family Home Evening. The kids played and we had a lesson about Faith, and then it was time to get the kids ready for bed. Finally, Christopher left to take Poppy to the airport. He’s taking the red eye back to South Carolina. Ben summed it up best when he said, “I’m sad you’re leaving.”


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