Birthday Surprise and Mother’s Day

I have been uber spoiled this weekend. It’s been one of the best birthdays and probably the best Mother’s Day yet!

Friday night Christopher took Gavin camping while I took Megan to a mother/daughter activity. It was at the Sanders’ house from church, and there were about 20 girls (ages 8-11) and their moms in attendance. Because of the campout, the younger siblings were invited and the Sanders teens (Chris and Kayla) were babysitting. At first they were passively babysitting because the other kids were just running around in the large backyard. When Ben came in the house and start playing the drums during the mother-daughter slideshow, I went out and asked Kayla if she wouldn’t mind keeping an extra close eye on Ben. Later, I found that Chris had taken him under his wing. He helped him play the drums (Ben was surprisingly good), fired up Guitar Hero, ran him around outside and fed him dinner. When we left, Ben said, “I wanted to play more with Chris.” Megan was also impressed. “He got Benny’s attention and held it the entire time!” I’m still deciding about boy babysitters, but Ben responds so much better to guys, and Chris has four little sisters (the youngest is Ben’s age), so I bet he’d be great. Megan said she’d be comfortable with it. Any babysitter who could wrangle Ben would free her up to enjoy her evening, as well!
(Gavin’s catch at the campout. He caught two fish and they released them both.)
Saturday we met Christopher and Gavin at the ball field. I stayed just long enough to drop off snacks and drinks for the team and watch Gavin bat a few times before heading home and putting the little boys down for naps. In the afternoon I did laundry, and Megan wanted some mommy/daughter time, so we watched Phantom of the Opera. It was all of 73 degrees so the kids decided they were “burning hot” and wanted to run around the backyard with the hose. They got the trampoline all wet and sprayed each other and went to town. Christopher was out running errands in preparation for Mother’s Day. He had told me to be ready to leave the house at 6:30 for a surprise date. He wouldn’t tell me who was babysitting but when Ben said, “I want Chris to babysit” he said, “I think you’re going to get your wish, buddy.” I was thoroughly confused.
Christopher went upstairs to change and said the babysitter would arrive shortly. When the doorbell rang, I went to let the babysitter in and instead found six of my best friends on the doorstep. Totally flustered, they took me out to dinner for my 30th birthday. And Ben did get Chris as a babysitter. His dad. I got that like two hours later.
After a delicious dinner, we headed home and the house was clean and there were 30 balloons floating on the ceiling and Christopher had made chocolate lava cakes for dessert. He had a slideshow of childhood pictures running on the TV and Hanson playing in the background. He knows me too well.
Not only did I get a surprise birthday party, but I got all my Mother’s Day wishes. I got to sleep in, which is 8 a.m. these days, since Ben has been waking up at 6. I got breakfast in bed–Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and sausage. Church was great. On Mother’s Day the men take over for all the women who work with the children or youth, and during Relief Society the young men brought us treats. I had a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar. After church we took long naps and then headed to the park for my picnic dinner–another request. We had a picnic starting with nuts and dried fruit, then bread, cheese, salami, cold chicken, Taboule, and fruit salad. We had orange and lemon San Pellegrino to drink, which was a treat because I usually make everyone drink tap water. We let the kids run around the park. And finally, I told Christopher I am starting a new tradition. On Mother’s Day, I want a picture with each one of my kids. He, like with all my wishes, was ready to comply. If only every day were Mother’s Day!



2 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise and Mother’s Day

  1. We had one of the same Mother's Day wishes … a picture with each of the kids 🙂 !! Great minds think alike!I am SOOO happy you had such a stellar birthday and mom weekend – you definitely deserve it 🙂 !! Chris hit a home run this weekend for you!

  2. Not sure why, but that post got me teary. Good for Chris for being so thoughtful. And you look so beautiful with each of your darling kiddos!

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