Anything for a little sleep

It’s been a rough few nights around here. For 9 1/2 years.

Ben made the pacifier transition well, and hasn’t asked for it in a few days. However, he’s been extra obstinate and has been waking up extra early. I don’t know if the lack of pacifier is to blame, or if it’s just him. And the sun.

Poor Logan’s ears are still infected. He had his 9-month checkup today. He weighed 22#4 (75-90th percentile) and was 29.5 inches (also 75-90th percentile).

My birthday was a pretty normal day. Christopher wanted to take us all out for Mexican, but I didn’t want to take an ear-infected Logan and a no-paci Ben to a restaurant, so we hit the Farmer’s Market. And got Mexican food. I was so excited the Sammamish Farmer’s Market was opening on my birthday. Unfortunately, the only fruits and veggies in season were lettuce and asparagus.

This blog post is horrible because I am exhausted. I will edit later.


3 thoughts on “Anything for a little sleep

  1. Ugh! So sorry that sleep is not happening well at your house (though I can somewhat sympathize since A has had a rough few nights since I completely weaned him). Not getting enough sleep is hard on everyone!I missed you at church today! I hope good health comes back to your home soon!! Has Logan had an appointment yet with an ENT?

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